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image of archangel michael with blonde hair as seen by Rose Smith

Date: 22.09.13 Author: Rose Smith

Archangel Michael – Bringer of Light

Archangel Michael has worldwide recognition as being one of the most powerful angels of God. The story is, that he battles Satan regularly. This is not my experience of him, as he has always appeared to me with a loving presence.

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image of beautiful cherub angel

Date: 05.09.13 Author: Rose Smith

Angel Talk

Wondering how to communicate with Angels? Many people are! Angelic beings who in spiritual reality, are everywhere. In fact there are more Angels on earth than people and there is an Angel for every type of issue.

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image of a purple galactic planet

Date: 04.09.13 Author: Judith

Days of the Week Planets Tarot and Runes

Which are the best days of the week for your outing, event, regular meeting or celebration? This article outlines The Seven Days and how they were named. The associated Anglo-Saxon or Norse Rune and what each day is best for.

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image of beautiful angel woman holding heart

Date: 04.09.13 Author: Rose Smith


Angels have a long and colourful history and are mentioned in many religions including Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Biblical scriptures reveal that ten orders of angels were created to rule the universe and help humanity.

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