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image of beautiful woman covering her mouth to hide her teeth

Date: 20.07.15 Author: Rose Smith

Dreaming about Missing Teeth

Dreaming about missing or losing teeth is actually a good dream to have so don’t worry! Dreams about ‘bad’ teeth mostly represent accomplishing an important developmental goal, both in your childhood, and in your adult life.

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image of woman half naked dreaming on beautiful orchid background

Date: 13.07.15 Author: Rose Smith

Dreaming about Being Naked

Dreaming that you or someone else is naked is a very common dream and most people dream this at some point. If you are dreaming about being nude or wearing only underwear, you may be feeling vulnerable about a particular situation.

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image of woman falling in the sky in the forest

Date: 07.07.15 Author: Rose Smith

Meaning of Dreams about Falling or Sinking

Whilst dreaming of falling or sinking normally means falling into a deeper state of unconsciousness, it could mean that you may be falling in love, or perhaps developing deeper feelings for someone! Enjoy these types of dreams.

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image of woman's lovely teeth eating a lollipop

Date: 22.06.15 Author: Rose Smith

Meaning of Dreams about Sex and Eating

Lucky you if you’re dreaming about having sex or eating! These dreams usually mean that some energy has been out of your control. If you dream you are having sex with someone you don’t like, don’t worry and read Rose Smith’s interpretation.

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Online Dating Australia

Date: 06.02.15 Author: Rose Smith

Online Dating Australia – Do’s and Don’ts

We are so busy in today’s world that many of us are turning to the internet to find our perfect partner. Online dating can be fun, and it’s a great way to meet people too. Read our trusty Do’s and Don’ts Tips to Online Dating.

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symbolic images of taoism and feng shui

Date: 11.02.15 Author: Judith

I Ching Wisdom Oracle for the Whole World

Would you like to know more about a book of philosophy in oracle format, which has been in constant use since 2,850 BC? Would you like to gain advice about how to take a balanced, workable approach, in any given situation?

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image of woman breaking free from chains with dark bg

Date: 16.01.23 Author: Thomas

High Expectations – Why Being REAListic is Important

Psychic Thomas is a highly experienced psychic who has read for many people experiencing stress & anxiety as a result of high expectations.The essence of the calls he receives are related to people who are in conflict with love, work, family, friends, money and high expectations. Read his story.

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woman motivated running up the hill

Date: 09.10.14 Author: Rose Smith

Simple Rules of Motivation

Staying motivated may seem hard. But it is not. It is all about not letting negative thoughts control your mind. Read this snippet article from Rose about believing in yourself to get motivated!

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image of silhouette hikers climbing a steep mountain

Date: 02.10.14 Author: Rose Smith

Conquer your Fear of Failure

Everybody has goals they want to accomplish; buy a house, start a family or get that dream job. But people are often held back by one nagging emotion – fear. Fear of change, hard work and ultimately, failure.

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image of beautiful woman wearing mask in the dark

Date: 01.03.23 Author: Rose Smith

Psychic Abilities – We all Have Them!

Have you ever wondered how to develop, increase or reveal your psychic secrets and talents? Maybe you haven’t even considered yourself psychic in any manner whatsoever? Or you may not know what being psychic actually means.

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