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Spiritual Articles

image of a woman chasing her dreams

Chase Your Dreams

Date: 19.02.18 Author: Thomas

There is always a voice within us of self-doubt, where we feel that achieving our dreams are an impossibility. You can take your dreams as far as you can. Just remember there is only you in the race to get there. There is no finishing line.

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image of a blindfolded woman wandering through lightbulbs trusting her intuition

Increase Your Intuition With These Easy Tips

Date: 04.02.18 Author: Psychic Angela

There are so many ways we can integrate our intuition into our daily life, and learn Spirit’s presence in even the most simplest of tasks. Read these 7 easy tips on how to increase your intuition. Discover those awesome abilities in yourself too.

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image of Rose Smith talking about her course

How to Be Spiritual & Surprisingly Successful at Life – Course

Date: 28.11.17 Author: Rose Smith

Looking to transform your life so that you can be more happy, successful and fulfilled? Then this spiritual course may be for you! Rose shares more than 30 years of personal spiritual knowledge, meditations and practise in this course to help you get there.

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image of a young woman sketching herself

How To Manage Your Ego for the Better

Date: 28.10.17 Author: Rose Smith

As Rose Smith explains in this article, your ego actually helps to protect you when you are feeling vulnerable. Understand how to manage your ego to better yourself, and gain insight into dealing with the ego of others around you in your daily life.

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image of a happy senior couple looking at a lake

Dementia Proof Yourself

Date: 10.10.17 Author: Rose Smith

Rose Smith shares her experiences about dealing with a very close family member who has Dementia. As she explains in this article… your health and wellbeing are of prime importance… so be proactive and take preventative steps.

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image of rose smith talking about a simple tip to develop your clairvoyance abilities

How To Develop Your Clairvoyant Abilities

Date: 01.06.24 Author: Rose Smith

Do you feel you have psychic abilities? Clairvoyance (the gift of sight in spirit) is just one of many psychic abilities. To develop ‘the gift of sight’, you need to work on opening up your Third Eye Chakra. Watch this video from Rose to get started!

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Brunette woman with psychic abilities in foreground and building with plants in background

How to be an Awesome Psychic Naturally for Life

Date: 20.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

For all you budding natural psychics out there, you need to look after yourself and remove all ego if you wish to share your gifts to help others. You need to look after yourself too as No 1! Clean eating, no drugs and continual practise of your gifts.

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How to Make Nasty Zombies, Aliens and Demons Leave

Date: 20.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

Zombies, Demons, Aliens and Vampires (ZADV’s) are terms used for people who try to see your ‘light’ and want to take some of your energy. They jump on to you for a feed and a free ride. Rose Smith shares her tips on how to protect yourself from ZADV’s.

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image of the soul energy surrounding a woman who is concentrating on manifestation

How to Pivot Your Way to Mega Manifestation Success

Date: 19.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

Looking for success in your life? You can change your direction to get onto a pathway of mega manifestation success. Manifestation is the ability to make your wishes come true. Your thoughts, your emotions, your actions and your Soul create your reality.

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Spirituality and Life's Challenges

How to Cope with Life’s Challenges

Date: 26.03.24 Author: Thomas

Most of us will hold on to the journey despite what life throws at us through fear of the unknown if we get off the ride. Some will hang on to the ride hoping through faith and hoping that it will get better. Psychic Thomas puts our life journey into perspective.

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