How To Manage Your Ego for the Better

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Ego is not a dirty word!

According to a famous song by Skyhooks in the 1970’s, Ego is not a dirty word. How true this statement is.

Please allow me to give you a very quick and easy lesson about the structure of the mind. The mind and personality are formed very early in life. At around 18 months of age children start to learn and comprehend the word ‘no’. This sets up a pressure in the child’s brain because they are used to getting what they want when they want it in the womb. Think about this, before a child is born, everything… food, accommodation and all needs are instantly met which results in instant gratification. After birth, it’s impossible for all needs to be instantly satisfied so gradually a barrier called the ‘ego-mind barrier’ is set up between the subconscious and the new forming mind or personality. The ego-mind barrier basically keeps down the fullness of the subconscious because it is too much to deal with and we couldn’t cope with life if everything was up all the time.

The ego-mind barrier is not hard and fast. It is semi-permeable so the strength and thickness (for want of better words) fluctuates, especially when we are under stress or ill. At these times, things that would not normally bother us, can seem insurmountable. Our ego ebbs and flows like waves across the top of our subconscious mind and throughout our personalities.

When the ego is particularly thin in places and we are feeling vulnerable, little holes may develop that can allow less than wholesome energies to flow uninvited into our minds and these may even take control when we least expect it. Have you ever said things and later wondered “now where did that come from?”. It came from your subconscious… that’s where! The ego-mind barrier is designed to keep these things out of our minds so we can function properly on planet Earth. Being inundated with foreign and/or subconscious energies, would be a tsunami of emotions and consequent actions that we could not possibly control so a barrier is required just to function in life.

Our Ego Protects Us

The ego protects us from unacceptable energies both within and externally in the outside world. Energies can come and go and pass through us, especially when the ego-mind barrier is not strong. Not everything down in the subconscious is wholesome and it’s the place where opposites can clash in fiery warfare in a hell and brimstone scenario. However there are also good things down in the subconscious waiting to be discovered.

Gifts and Rewards

Not everything down in the subconscious is foreign, difficult or negative. There are gifts and rewards down there that we can receive when we go down in somewhat controlled conditions such as meditation. Use natural methods such as meditation to access your subconscious gifts and to release unhelpful energies that are causing problems in your life because they are feeling trapped. Even darkness can be enlightened when you bring the light of your conscious awareness by shining a light within.

Strengthen and Control Your Ego-Mind Barrier

You can learn to control what comes into your mind and only give permission for useful and helpful energies to enter your mind:

  • A weak ego turns people into jellyfish who can’t achieve practical things as they become wishy-washy and go with the flow of anything and everything around them. Learn to question in a healthy way as blind acceptance is a real danger to the individual but a useful tool for others to manipulate you.
  • A good psychic will help you question and think about your situation.
  • Practise thinking. Do mathematical problems and play games like sudoku, crosswords and solitaire. Question, plan and create things.
  • Control your thoughts. As soon as you have a negative and unhelpful thought, imagine a waterfall washing it away. If you’re not sure if something is helpful then ask yourself the question “is this thought dark or light?” Acknowledge the dark but focus on the light because we get more of what we focus upon.
  • Take control of your mind when you need to, but allow some time for your subconscious mind to come out and ‘free range’. You don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on yourself by not releasing your emotions. Your target can be to express your emotions in a healthy and appropriate way at the appropriate time. If you feel upset about something, but it’s not the right time to deal with it there and then, make a quick deal with yourself by saying “Ok I can’t deal with you now but I promise I will allow you to express” and then give your subconscious a time when you can listen to it. DO NOT ever break your promises to yourself. DO allow your subconscious to vent and you may even find out valuable information which could help you immeasurably.
  • Be clear about your intention and state firmly to yourself that you will not allow any unhealthy or unwholesome energies to come through when you are not prepared. At some point you may choose to release and transform these unwholesome energies, but you do need to be prepared fully to deal with them at an appropriate time in an appropriate place.
  • The ego’s job is to focus on the task at hand. This can also ‘blinker’ the subconscious and hinder it lending a helping hand through natural intuition and other spiritual gifts. Dealing with the ego and subconscious requires good balance. Good balance is different for different people at different times.
  • Fighter pilots, elite sportspeople, medical professionals are examples of people who have trained their egos to be strong so they can achieve their goals. Too much ego results in inhumanity and self absorption and neglects the needs of the subconscious and others. The delicate subconscious/mind balance can be affected by mental illness, drugs, alcohol, stress, your belief systems, chemicals and environment. Live a clean life in a clean environment with people that support you rather than hinder you.

You are a unique and immortal energy. You can control your ego so that it works for you. If you struggle with ego energy, please feel free to call one of our awesome psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets.

Author: Rose Smith