Are You Dreaming of Sheep?

image of dreaming of sheep in the night sky

Are you dreaming of sheep? You might be surprised to know that sheep energy is everywhere if we care to look. It gives us deep insight into human behaviour. We sometimes dream about sheep when we are “following the crowd”.

Group Dynamics

Social psychology studies the behaviour of individuals in groups, and studies show that humans are basically herd animals. We behave differently in groups than alone and sometimes we succumb to peer group pressure agreeing with the group rather than doing/saying what we really think.

Children (especially little girls) are socialised to get along with others and not kick up too much fuss if their thoughts are different to their peer group. Most young children conform as they get the message very early of ‘how to fit in’. Children and adults seek approval to bolster their self-esteem, and can feel lonely or unsafe if not surrounded by groups with similar ideals. People will do almost anything to fit into a group/family/relationship, often contorting themselves into trying to be someone they are not.

Sheep Symbolism

Sheep are representative of a variety of things and the exact meaning depends on the context of what is happening in your life at the moment. If you dream about sheep, take note of the colour. A black sheep is one who doesn’t fit in with the rest of the flock. A black sheep stands out apart from the crowd and may symbolise a part of you who is noticed whether (no pun intended) you wish to be or not. Black sheep are often thought to be ‘naughty or immoral’ but basically they don’t align themselves with the beliefs of the family group. Sometimes dreaming of a ram can symbolise ‘bucking the system’ or going against the rest of the herd or family group. A female sheep is usually more submissive and conforming to group pressure.

In Chinese folklore, sheep are thought to be symbols for parental love and in Christianity Jesus was the lamb (or sacrifice) of God. Sheep are sacrificed for food and provide warmth for others. Do you sacrifice yourself for others? Are you living your life for others? In western countries, counting sheep is thought to put you to sleep so sheep could possibly represent bedtime and dreaming.

So pay attention if sheep pop up regularly in your life or dreams, the herd might be trying to tell you something about fitting in with groups. Happy dreaming zzzzz…..

Author: Rose Smith