Pet Astro Report


Get to know your dog or cat better! This report gives you an amazing insight into the personality of your beloved friend. This amazing report is available in both Canine and Feline formats. The report will describe your pet’s character wonderfully.

This report lists in detail your pet’s physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics. The influences of all the major planets are covered along with health and suggested exercise routines and diet preferences. The report will describe your pet’s character and analyses issues of importance such as your relationship. It gives stunningly accurate physical and emotional descriptions of your pet and is approximately 10 pages in length.

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    Default time of 12:00pm will be used if unknown
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Product Description

In order to prepare your best friend’s report, we will need:

  1. The name of your pet
  2. The date of birth of your pet
  3. The time of birth (if you don’t have this info, we will use a default time of 12.00pm, this may affect the accuracy however)
  4. The place of birth of your cat or dog, including town and country
  5. Send your message from a valid email address

Please ensure you complete all the fields in the text boxes above.

Understand your friend better! This report will help you to communicate more fully with the one you care about!

Please note no shipping costs apply to this report. Your report will be sent via email within 2 – 3 business working days.


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