New Age Male or Female Astro Report


The New Age Astrology Report for Woman or Man is divided into two sections. The first one analyses your personality with its multiple facets (Sun and Moon positions); and the second section analyses the twelve astrological houses.

This report is not merely descriptive. In the majority of cases, ideas are suggested that can help your personal evolution. We receive very positive feedback about this report and it is available in New Age Woman, New Age Man, Gay Man and Gay Woman formats.

8th March is International Womens’ Day! To celebrate you, this report is available for $9.97 for a limited time.

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Product Description

In order to prepare your detailed report we require:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Your time of birth (we will use a default time of 12.00pm if you don’t have this info, however the accuracy of the report will be affected)
  4. Your place of birth, including city and country
  5. A valid email address to send your report

Please ensure you complete all relevant fields of the information we require in the text boxes above.

This report contains two parts. The first is straight forward but you will be particularly interested in the second part.

Second Part

  • First House – Your Personality, Your Body, Your Childhood
  • Second House – Money, Assets, Resources
  • Third House – Your Mind, Short Trips, Brothers and Sisters
  • Fourth House – Your Home, Middle Age and Later Years
  • Fifth House – Love, Romance and Children. This section also analyses possible relationships with all other starsigns
  • Sixth House – Health, Nutrition, Work and Service
  • Seventh House – Associations and Marriage
  • Eighth House – Dangers, Inheritances and Legacies
  • Nineth House – Religion and Long Trips
  • Tenth House – Vocation and Professional Success
  • Eleventh House – Friendship and Group Activities
  • Twelfth House – Karma and Secrets

These reports are approximately 20-30 pages of out of this world information. You can view Bill Clinton’s New Age Man Report by clicking here. These reports also make truly unique and inspiring gifts for those who are spiritually aware. Be prepared to have light shone onto the corners of your soul.

Please note no shipping costs apply to this report. Your report will be sent via email within 2 – 3 business working days.


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