Saturn Squares Uranus 2022

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is the Planet of Persistence

This has its last potent hit on December 24, 2021, which will last until March 1, 2022. On October 4, they almost square again, missing exactitude by only 37′. These two planets fight it out as they both have seemingly opposite energies. Saturn represents the past, structure, conservatism, maturity, caution, and stability.

It’s as if Saturn doesn’t like change, and he especially doesn’t like the kind of change that Uranus represents – fast, volatile, and turbulent like a bolt of lightning. These energies can be characterised by different groups in society… the progressive energies of the US Democrats or the Australian Labor Party.

Politically Things Heat Up

Saturn makes a square to Uranus, which wants rapid and often chaotic change, sometimes at any cost smacking Saturn hard across the face. We can expect to see more societal restlessness and aggression around Christmas time. Politically, we will also see things hot up. An in Australia, there will probably be an election around March 2022, especially with Pluto semisquare Saturn on February 23 and Mars entering Aquarius on March 6. The lead-up to the US midterm elections on November 8 will see increased hostility without an ‘anything goes attitude. Find the balance between caring for others and keeping yourself safe and well in the ‘Land of the Free’.

Find Your Balance Point

Within yourself, there’s a balance point that you can find. It’s time to pay due respect to the past while embracing the future. It’s not an easy line to walk, but in honouring both Saturn and Uranus, you can get the best of both planets. Don’t take shortcuts. Keep everything above board, follow the law of the land and keep natural lore as you gradually make progress by moving forward.

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