Saturn Retrograde 2020

Saturn Retrograde 2020

No Room for Shortcuts

Saturn likes you to be structured, responsible and organised… if you’re not well… he can be sometimes be stern and authoritarian. There’s no room during this time for taking shortcuts or doing shoddy work. Early in the retrograde he’s in Aquarius bringing attention to our hopes and dreams by looking at the bigger picture. Saturn moves back to Capricorn July 1 ending his retrograde in Capricorn. During this time, career or work can slow down. Elderly people, employment, those economically disadvantaged and natural resources including agriculture are linked to Saturn. These areas could be very much affected now.

Be Patient but Determined

During this time, it’s best to be cautious and responsible. Don’t try to do anything not on the straight and narrow. Saturn can bring restriction and delay, obstacles and challenges. If people have done the wrong thing, they’re likely to get caught now, especially irresponsible fathers. During the retrograde, your plans may seem to be going backwards or get stuck in some way. Be patient but determined. You can move forward again soon, just don’t push it during this time.

Saturn Relates to Karma and Time

Saturn is related to both karma and time, so you may experience much weirdness around both of these. Time may slow down, so be careful with appointments and anything that is time sensitive. The past may come back for you to ‘do the right thing’ or make amends for previous mis-judgements. If you’ve been meticulous in the past by being careful, responsible and diligent, karma may smile now by offering you a substantial karmic gift.

Sometimes Saturn retrograde can manifest as sadness, tiredness, feeling unmotivated and stuck. It is a time for continuance, not giving up and to keep persevering. All good things come to those who wait and ‘do the right thing’ and your Sun will shine again in future.

Those Most Affected by Saturn Retrograde

Those dealing with Governments, large corporations, legal authorities, banks, authority figures generally and fatherhood figures.

The signs of Capricorn and Aquarius are the most impacted of all the zodiac signs.

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