Saturn in Aquarius 2022

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn Attempts to Bring Order

Saturn is in Aquarius most of the year, although he does pop into Capricorn when retrograde from July 1 until December 17. This should slow things down a bit and reduce some heat and stress at least. While in Aquarius, he attempts to bring order to and improve societal structures, laws, and safeguards.

Uranus Favours Individual Autonomy

Saturn seeks to maintain society while Uranus would pull it down in favour of individual autonomy. This can create a chaotic rabble of people fueled by anger who want to overthrow existing structures in many countries, not only the US. But the US will be at ‘anger flashpoint’ that spreads globally like a cancer on society. Fortunately, we do have an ameliorating influence with Jupiter in Pisces.

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