Saturn enters Pisces 2023

saturn enters pisces may 2023

Saturn Brings Structure

This is a BIG important influence occurring on March 7 and lasting until May 24, 2025. Saturn is moving away from Capricorn and the systems of large control, restriction and structure. Moving into Pisces, Saturn brings structure and stability to free flowing, imaginative and genuinely spiritual influences. With Saturn in Pisces, you’ll be able to put some form around your creations and your spiritual inclinations.

Freed from a Limiting Situation

There are also likely BIG changes for so called ‘religions’ who are REALly just BIG businesses in disguise. Think about the decline of Christian churches… there will likely be some sort of crunch time coming. Christian leaders will have REALisations that they must transFORM their churches as they face REALity of even greater losses of followers and powerful support throughout all levels of society, including government. We can expect religious reform starting in 2023 and we could also see various changes further strengthening the separation of church and state.

It’s been 29½  years since Saturn was last here, so think about what you were doing back mid to late 1993. You may experience some sense of liberation as you are freed from a limiting situation. It’s time to break some rules and move into a better happier life! Celebration time… come on!

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