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What Men Really Want

image of loving couple on the beach

Everyone has different qualities they desire in a romantic partner. Some people are looking for someone who won’t judge their obsession with reality TV while others are looking for someone who’s a rock star in the kitchen. Though personalities and preferences differ wildly among individuals, there are some traits that seem to be universally praised across sexes.

Men are held to high standards in relationships, pushed to conform to the stereotypes that have been set for them for hundreds of years. They’re supposed to serve as the provider, the protector and the decision maker for their partner. Many men enjoy playing the leading role and “wearing the pants” in their relationship, but some men feel pressured to serve as the breadwinner and need a partner who doesn’t mind sharing the job.

No matter which role a man chooses to play in his relationship, there are several traits he desires in a romantic partner, including:

  1. Support – Men often look to their significant other for emotional support when they’re stressed and need someone who will be in their corner when times get tough.
  2. Loyalty – Trust is a crucial part of any relationship, and being loyal is the best way to build and maintain trust. If a partner isn’t loyal to their man, it will be difficult to make any aspect of the relationship work.
  3. Honesty – Being honest, even when it may hurt the other person’s feeling, is essential and something men take very seriously. The more lies that are brought into a relationship, the more problems that will eventually unfold.
  4. Responsibility – Although many men consider themselves the head of the household, they appreciate a partner who is responsible and can take care of business.
  5. Patience – Men appreciate patience when it comes to a variety of things: household chores, finding that perfect job and when they forget a birthday or anniversary. Accepting his shortcomings and loving him for who he is will make any man happy.
  6. Courage – A partner with the ability to put on a strong face through any situation is an ideal match for a man and builds a sense of teamwork in the relationship.
  7. Confidence – Self-esteem is an extremely attractive quality for men. It shows their partner is proud of who they are and isn’t afraid of being challenged by others.
  8. Strength – Someone who can serve as a source of strength for themselves and their man makes for a wonderful partner in a relationship. Every man has his moments of weakness, and a strong partner is essential for romantic bliss.
  9. Empathy – Men often have a hard time talking to their male friends about their problems and fears. As a result, they go to their partner looking for empathy and understanding.
  10. Kindness – While being kind seems like second nature, many people forget how important it is to be nice to your partner. Creating a mutually respectful atmosphere sets any relationship up for success.

It’s true that no two people are exactly the same and that everyone looks for different things in a relationship. But the above qualities are attractive to any man, and someone who is looking to be a great partner should strive to emit these qualities in their daily lives.

Rose Smith
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