Trusting Your Intuition in Relationships

image of young woman with sleeping partnerWhen a man breaks up with a woman, most of her friends are likely to express sentiments like “you can do so much better” or “he was never good enough for you.” In fact, if you’ve ever been broken up with, you have probably heard similar statements from your loved ones.

It’s entirely possible that your friends are being honest when they say you can do better than an ex boyfriend. But have you ever looked back on a relationship and wondered what you did wrong?

Since it’s easy to blame the other person when a relationship doesn’t work out, many people forget to go through an important process of a break up: analysing what they could have done to make the relationship better.

Women’s intuition is a funny thing – it harbours very strong emotions and beliefs about love and life in general. Most women find their intuition incredibly insightful, and accurate on most occasions. But intuition is both a blessing and a curse – it can help you recognise when a relationship is on the rocks, but it can also convince you of things that aren’t true.

When Your Intuition is Right

More often than not, whatever your intuition is telling you closely mirrors the truth. If you get the feeling that your man may be starting to lose interest, or finding interest in another woman, you should have some open discussions to confirm or dispel your suspicions.

If you discover that your relationship is indeed on the rocks, you should remember that your boyfriend, fiancé or husband doesn’t define you. They do not own your life and are not in control of what you do with it.

Owning your independence when your relationship is in trouble not only helps you through the difficult time, but it can also reassure your man that you’ll survive just fine without him. There’s nothing that makes men more anxious than a woman who is clearly dependent on him.

When Your Intuition is Wrong

Unfortunately, a woman’s intuition doesn’t always reflect reality. In fact, in can drive a confident woman to become extremely insecure. Insecurity is a tricky emotion – it can arise without warning and even remain unidentified for a long time.

If a woman suspects her man of cheating on her, she may start snooping through his things, asking him endless questions about every thing he does and even blatantly accuse of him of cheating. This is a surefire way to drive a man crazy – he’ll quickly grow tired of having to explain himself when he knows he’s not doing anything wrong.

In cases like these, your intuition will be the driving factor behind your failed relationship. If you find yourself in this situation, you should calmly explain to your man that your intuition misled you and that you were wrong to follow it. He may accept your apology and move on, or he may decide that your relationship isn’t worth the effort anymore.

Intuition is a powerful emotion, but it’s how you handle it that counts. If you’re wondering whether or not your intuition is sending you the right messages, consider a phone psychic reading with one of our psychics. They can channel higher powers and other worldly spirits to provide the guidance you need.

Author: Rose Smith