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The 5 Keys to Loving an Addict

image of distraught woman dealing with addiction

Being in love with someone who’s battling an addiction isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. Whether they’re addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, money or another vice, an addict has different needs and priorities than an otherwise healthy person would in a romantic relationship.

First, your lover must be willing to seek professional help. There are dedicated programs for most addictions, but some therapists and psychiatrists specialise in treating addictions. If you’re in love with an addict, there are five key qualities you need to embrace to maintain a healthy relationship and give your partner everything they need:


Even if you’ve never experienced an addiction yourself, you need to gain some understanding of your partner’s struggle. You must seek to understand where their addiction stems from and why it’s so difficult to manage. If this is particularly challenging for you, chat with a trained medical professional and conduct your own research to learn as much as you can about your partner’s addiction.


The main thing your partner needs from you is support. They’ll have bad days and good days during their recovery, and they’ll likely slip back into old habits at one point or another. You should be a shoulder to lean on when times are bad and encourage them to keep moving forward when times are good.


One of the hardest parts about loving an addict is trust. You have to trust your partner when they tell you where they’re going or who they are hanging out with. Your relationship must be built on a solid foundation of loyalty and honesty if you ever want it to be successful. Through mutual trust, you and your partner can overcome the turmoil of addiction together.


No addict is cured overnight. If you want to stay with your partner through their addiction, you must be patient. If you try to rush the recovery process, you’re only harming your partner and delaying their healing. Respect that your partner is going to need more time than you think to overcome their addiction, and be careful not to let your frustrations or impatience show.


This sounds obvious, but your love must be greater than any other emotion you feel towards your addicted partner. If your love is real, it will help you overcome everything else, and you’ll know if it’s ever time to walk away. Maintaining the romantic aspects of your relationship is going to be more difficult, so make the extra effort to keep the chemistry alive.

If the love of your life is an addict of some kind, embracing these five traits will help you navigate the relationship without hurting yourself or your partner in the process. However, if the addict you love has no interest in getting better or refuses professional help, it’s time for you to walk away. They are clearly not dedicated to their own health and wellbeing, so you shouldn’t put yours on the line.

Trying to figure out whether the addict you love is the right person for you? Give one of our talented psychics a call today to find the answers you’re looking for. They are here to listen and give you the advice and support you need.

Rose Smith
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