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Psychic Support when Dealing with Infidelity

image of a man with his wife holding another woman's hands

Coping with the knowledge that your spouse or partner has been unfaithful is difficult. It’s not only the pain of discovery of the sexual betrayal that must be processed and overcome, but also the loss of trust in your spouse or partner. There is a period of time where the betrayed individual will often feel as though in a daze, unable to work through the morass of emotional upheaval and accept what has happened in their relationship. Unsurprisingly, the wronged partner will find themselves struggling with even day-to-day tasks, much less feel capable of making careful decisions about the future of their relationship.

These feelings are normal. And it is also normal to find ways to protect yourself while also deciding if your relationship can be salvaged.

If you’ve made the decision to give your spouse or partner a second chance, be sure to take steps to protect your health, your property, and your children. Take the time to get tested, and have your partner tested, for STDs. Those who engage in infidelity are often careless about safer sex. And, even if you both test clean, engage in “safe sex” (i.e. condoms) for at least a year after the infidelity and you feel confident that your partner has been completely faithful. Consult with an attorney. Even if you are planning on working on your relationship now, know what your options are to protect your home, bank accounts, and any custody issues that may arise.

There is often a deep-seated need to “fix” the problem with more sex, in one form or another. One common mistake is using sex with one another to try to regain connection. Another is for the wronged partner to go out and have “revenge sex.” Both decisions only bring more hurt and distrust and leave both parties empty. Instead, there are positive actions you can take to heal the rift without over-committing to a relationship you’re not sure can be saved.

Therapy is a must. For you, to help you understand sexual compulsivity, to deal with the pain of infidelity, and to cope with the changes in your relationship. For them for many of the same reasons, and to help them understand what you are going through as you try to reconcile your differences. This will also give you an opportunity to request a full accounting of the infidelity, and disclosure is best done with a therapist on hand to act as both support and intermediary. You should go individually and jointly, but it’s okay to have your own therapist or to consult with a relationship psychic, regardless of what your partner does.

And, finally, take your time. Their infidelity is not your fault. There is nothing you did that caused them to cheat. Don’t jump into any long-term decisions early in the healing process or make threats you don’t intend to keep, such as telling your partner if they cheat again you’ll leave if you have no intention of doing so. Don’t do anything you can’t take back. However, don’t be afraid to trust your feelings, to trust your intuition. If you feel like something is wrong, confront it. Hiding from it only prolongs your suffering. Don’t ignore the spiritual side of your relationship, either. This may be a good time to research your love horoscope and astrology and better understand the transcendent side of yours and your partners’ motivations.

Dealing with the betrayal of your spouse or partner’s infidelity is painful. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help or seek support from people who understand what you’re going through – therapists, support groups, psychics, family or friends who have dealt with a similar betrayal.

You need (and deserve) that care, love, and support, which can only be found by talking about what has happened in a compassionate and empathetic setting. If you’re not sure where you where to turn first, why not contact www.absolutesoulsecrets.com, where your confidentiality is guaranteed and our relationship psychics are here to listen. You could also have the opportunity to receive a free psychic reading from time to time if you sign up to our Newsletter. Go to our Contact Us page to sign up to our Newsletter now. Call us for the best online or phone psychics to help you.

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