Dealing With Your Ex

image of woman frustrated with her ex husband

Not all relationships last forever. But sometimes, even after a relationship is over, your old partner still remains a part of your life. You may have children that parent together or maybe you decided to stay friends. No matter the reason your ex is still around, there are many problems they can cause in your life, especially if you’re in a new relationship.

Your ex can affect your current relationship in a number of different ways. Maybe they’re trying to rekindle the spark you once shared or trying to spend more time with your children. Regardless, if you don’t want an old flame to start a fire in your new relationship, you need to handle your ex with care.

Your Ex is Still Calling…

Is an old partner keeping the lines of communication open, causing you and your significant other to quarrel?

First, you need to determine why your ex is still talking to you. It’s one thing if you have children together and are forced to stay in touch, but if not, is there unfinished business your ex is trying to find closure for? Do they want to talk about getting back together? After you figure out why your ex is still calling, you can decide how you want to proceed.

If you and your ex don’t have any legitimate ties to each other’s lives, and you don’t feel the need to maintain a friendship, you should tell your ex to take a hike. Express that you don’t wish to talk to them any longer, and hopefully they’ll respect your wishes. If they continue to call after you’ve asked them not to, you may want to take measures into your own hands by blocking their phone number or even changing yours.

Your Ex Wants More Time with the Kids…

Ending a relationship that created children is always difficult. It’s even more difficult when one of you starts a new relationship and is trying to master the balancing act between the ex, the current spouse and children.

If your ex decides they want more time with your children, you must decide what’s best for the kids. If you think they’re better off spending most of their time with you, don’t be afraid to voice this concern to your ex or even get a lawyer involved. If you agree that your children will benefit from more time with your ex, than you can work together to devise a solution that accommodates everyone.

No matter the resolution, make sure to keep your ex’s relationship with your children separate from your current partner’s relationship with them. It’s crucial for your children to feel a connection with your significant other, so you shouldn’t let issues with your ex interfere with that relationship.

Dealing with your ex is never an easy task. Whether they’re trying to regain your affection or fight for more time with your children, exes can cause a plethora of different problems. Just remember that your ex is your ex for a reason. At one point in time, both of you decided that your relationship wasn’t worth the effort and called it quits.

Author: Rose Smith