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Abigail ... is available, call now.

(5.9) from 53 reviews

Abigail is a high functioning trance channel and psychic who has helped many clients move from a negative timeline in to one that ... Read profile

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Amanda Lee ... is available, call now.

(5.9) from 37 reviews

Amanda Lee is a professional psychic tarot reader who gets a lot of information from her guides during her readings. Her purpose i... Read profile

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Jody ... is available, call now.

(6.0) from 10 reviews

Jody is a professional psychic seer, medium and healer. A proud Aboriginal woman with knowledge of ancient wisdoms, Jody can shine... Read profile

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Gail ... is available, call now.

(6.0) from 20 reviews

Gail is a down-to-earth psychic medium & intuitive oracle card reader. Everything comes from her heart & a sense of knowing during... Read profile

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Alyssa ... is speaking right now.

(6.0) from 127 reviews

Alyssa has been reading professionally for close to 30 years. A passionate clairvoyant, spiritual healer and empath, her readings ... Read profile

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Janelle ... is speaking right now.

(6.0) from 9 reviews

Janelle is a professional intuitive psychic & healer who often reads at Mind, Body & Spirit Festivals around Australia. She is pas... Read profile

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Asha ... is speaking right now.

(5.9) from 47 reviews

Asha is a profound and insightful professional psychic reader with more than 34 years’ experience. A gifted medium, clairvoyant ... Read profile

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Melanie ... is speaking right now.

(6.0) from 16 reviews

Melanie is a 3rd generation psychic medium who does not need tools to see into your life. Naturally gifted with clairvoyance and c... Read profile

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Olivia ... is speaking right now.

(6.0) from 13 reviews

Olivia is a naturally gifted intuitive psychic and tarot reader from Ireland with more than 20 years’ experience. Her clients lo... Read profile

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