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Hello I am Sherry and I have over 26 years of experience giving psychic readings both face to face, and by the phone for other psychic networks here in the USA. My clients tell me that I have a special way of connecting with them, and I hope you will like my straight-forward and honest approach too.

I only share with you what I see to be honest and to the point, with the greatest kindness and respect. The messages I receive for you from spirit come to me very clearly and quickly, and I know your life will improve for the better once I share these messages with you.

My grandmother was a very well known psychic and she recognised that I had psychic gifts when I was very young. She started taking me to metaphysical conventions to do private readings to the public and even gave me my first deck of tarot cards at the age of 7! She and I had a very close bond and her nurturing helped me to develop many unique psychic skills. In particular, I am very good at helping people find out who they might have been in their past lives, how many lives they have had, if they were male or female, their talents, and I have a great instinct for helping find lost objects.

Whilst it is hard to describe all my psychic abilities, I can say that I am gifted in the following modalities:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Channelling
  • Past Lives
  • Love and Relationships
  • Tarot
  • Lost and Found

Helping people connect and understand their family members and co-workers by helping them to understand those people’s past lives, is a passion of mine. So please feel free to give me a call to shed some insight about those people around you.

My readings are rooted in compassion and I would love to help guide you on your own personal path in life.

If you would like a reading from me please use my ID No. 2074.

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Country: US
Starsign: Capricorn
ID Code: 2074


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Reviews for Sherry

Sherry is rated 6.0/6 from a total of 13 Rated Reviews.

I had a great reading with practical guidance. Sherry said not to wait until November to reconnect and arrange it earlier. After our call I spoke to my friend and he’s hopefully coming in September. We spoke on a much deeper level. He was thrilled. I’m thrilled too. I hope it all goes well from there. This circumstance wouldn’t have changed without your direct and specific guidance. Thank you!!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to M. review:

Hi M! So glad you took the time to reach out to someone to help you come up with a plan, and I am even more glad that it was me! Sometimes the hardest thing to realize is that the solution to a problem can be so simple, and we as humans think we need complex solutions, when the truth is, the only thing that is complex about the problem is that we need to accept that the solution is actually simple! I was so happy about your 'plan of action' that I guided you towards and I am really excited for you! Call me any time, it was my pleasure to talk to you. :)


Sherry connects quickly and always gives an honest and accurate reading. Thanks Sherry.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to D. review:

So glad I could help guide you D. It’s going to be a great year for you! So many great things to come!!


Excellent amazing reading. Fantastic information I needed to hear. Thank you so much, it’s given me hope for the future. Lovely lady too. Thanks heaps Sherry. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tan review:

Tan, so glad you and I connected! I am glad I could help ease your mind so that you could enjoy the rest of your weekend. Everything is going to be just fine! Glad I could be of service! Take care!


Sherry picked up on my situation very well, I didn't have to say much, it was the absolute perfect thing I needed to hear at that moment, gave me much clarity. Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Amelia review:

Amelia, it was such a pleasure speaking with you. I could see straight away what was going on and how to help you navigate through the situation without letting yourself get 'frazzled'. Be patient and remember you are already two steps ahead! Hope to hear from you again!!


Thank you dear Sherry!! Just good to hear what you have to say always!! God bless and just so helpful. xxxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to JPA review:

Thanks for calling again JPA! Always so good to hear from you and get an update, I know you are on the right road and your bright and positive energy is even stronger than our last call! It always makes my energy stronger and more positive to talk to a lovely person like yourself that is getting things handled and done! Keep it up, and maybe keep some extra sunglasses on you to hand out, so you don’t accidentally blind people with that bright energy! Keep going! The brighter the better baby!!


I found Sherry to be a very caring, accurate reader who I would recommend to anyone searching for direction and assurance.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Hope review:

Hi Hope! I am so glad that we connected and that I could guide you on your path! Sometimes life can be like a 'maze', when we need someone to whisper in our ear to help get us to our destination a bit quicker. You are well on your way!! Cheers to you!


Thank you Sherry for my follow-up reading. You reaffirmed what you told me last time and I'm looking forward to the outcome so much. It amazed me how you just got straight into the reading without any questions and hit the nail on the head - even telling me things I was thinking but hadn't said. I think you're great and so easy and lovely to talk to. Warmest regards.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jean review:

Hi Jean! Thanks for giving me a call back to check in! I’m so glad I could help you! I could really feel your situation and glad I could help guide you in the direction you want to go in and more importantly... DESERVE to be in! I am excited for what the remainder of this year has in store for you! Hope you check in again with me in the future.


Sherry - I thought your reading was great - nicely to the point and I now await the accuracy but I feel that it has been most accurate as far as facts go and that’s so what I needed! Thank you so much.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Juju review:

Juju, thank you so much for your kind words. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I see very clearly that you are going in a positive direction! I know that you already had most of the pieces to your puzzle worked out. I am glad that I could help you put into place the few that needed 'repositioning' and I would love to hear from you again!


I had a very positive reading with Sherry tonight. She had good insight and gave me a lot of positivity about my situation. Thank you so much.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

It was a pleasure speaking with Nerissa! Great connection and so glad I could help with getting a different perspective and outlook! Truly you are a fabulous gal!


Sherry is one of the best psychics I have ever had. She is accurate, articulate and genuine. Each reading I have had from her has been spot on! Sherry has never wasted my time, she gives me the guidance I need to move forward in my life with love and positivity. You are amazing Sherry. Thank you so much for your readings, you have supported me through a lot of issues. Thanks again.

My Fav
Absolute Soul Secrets reply to My Fav review:

Thank you so much for your kind words! I really enjoyed reading for you and so pleased that we were able to connect. I would love to hear from you again! Happy 2018! x


This is another one of your readers I have tried and she had no answers and was very vague with answers. Again I was very disappointed.


Lovely to chat to and great on detail. Accurate with validations, good insight into the situation. Many thanks! I so needed to speak to you and get your interpretation of the situation. Much appreciated.

L. Perth

Amazed by the reading, spot on with things Sherry told me. Left me feeling very positive for my future.


An amazing reading. Sherry you are so insightful. You quickly and accurately connect and voice the situation providing clarity to the issue. I cannot tell you how much your reading has helped me in understanding the situation with a more balanced and rational perspective. I will definitely be speaking with you again. You are an absolute diamond. Love and light.