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Hi I am Rochelle, and I have been reading and helping people find their soul partners (I can describe them clearly), career path (your opportunities and key timing) and higher calling (your soul path and destiny) with wonderful results. Many of my clients are high profile celebrities who frequently contact me again to let me know that my predictions for them have come true. It is so rewarding helping already successful people achieve even greater success.

I was born to do this work and this is all I have done for at least 25 years now, very happily. I am what you would call a modern day Gypsy. My bloodline spans many generations of psychics and healers from the highlands of Europe.

Born in Australia myself, I have spent many years dedicating my life to the study of all things spiritual, especially Numerology which I have been studying for more than 30 years. Today I can share with you my highly developed psychic abilities such as:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Channelling
  • Mediumship
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Tarot
  • Numerology

My readings are clear and caring, but also accurate and void of judgement. I love all people and with me your soul is something I treasure deeply. Rest assured you are in professional and capable hands when being read or healed by me.

So you want to know your future and how to make it happen? I am here.

If you would like a reading from me please use my ID No. 2071.

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Country: AU
Starsign: Aries
ID Code: 2071


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Reviews for Rochelle

Rochelle is rated 5.8/6 from a total of 30 Rated Reviews.

What can I say except you were right again!!! You said there would be an emotional connection at the party and there was. He never left my side all night and we had a good time laughing and talking. He even called me sweetheart which made my night. Hopefully we're on the right track for some progress now! Thanks so much for everything. You're amazing and I appreciate everything. Thank you so much Rochelle. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Thank you Nerissa. Your lovely reviews always mean a lot to me. xx


Rochelle you are my rock. I don't know what I’d do without you. I hope you're right about the next 5 weeks because I’d be so happy!!! I'll keep you updated. Thanks again. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Always a pleasure Nerissa to read for you. Many thanks for your lovely review. xx


Rochelle what can I say… you were right again!! The meeting went well and wasn't as bad as I thought. Fingers crossed the other problem sorts itself out quickly lol. Talk soon. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Thank you so much for your belief in me Nerissa. Sending you love. x


Insightful, caring and spot on. Never judgemental. Thank you Rochelle. <3

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sheree review:

Your review has made my day Sheree! I love reading for you and thankyou. x


What can I say Rochelle you were right again!!! I got flowers, chocolates and a balloon for my birthday. I was doubtful that I’d get anything from him, but you were right as usual. I’m truly blessed to have found you and I can’t thank you enough for being so understanding. I will keep working on my patience lol. Thank you so much for everything. Talk soon. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Always a pleasure Nerissa. Spirit works in wonderful ways precious soul. xx


This reading seemed to be just right somehow - it flowed really well and was very helpful to me right now. Many thanks Rochelle. So appreciated.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to JPG review:

Thank you for your kind words JPG… you made me smile. Bless your heart. xx


Thank you for your insight today. You were a tremendous help in helping me see things from their prospective. You are such a nice person to talk to. I will be calling back.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to L.H. review:

Dear L.H. In life we get to talk to many souls and ones like yourself are unforgettable. I appreciate your review so much. xx


Rochelle is wonderful to speak with. I will be calling back.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to L.H. review:

Thank you for your lovely review L.H. Your words are felt by my heart. xx


I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful lady. Another prediction she made came true on the day she said. Time after time she's been right, and she never lets me down. We've been thru so much in the past 12 mths and she's been right time and time again and I’m so grateful for all the help, advice and insight she's given me. Give her a try… you won't be disappointed. Rochelle is the best.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Nerissa I can’t thank you enough. Your journey is a wonderment for so many reasons. Thankyou for allowing me to be part of it. xxx


Maybe Rochelle was having a bad day, but she was not friendly in tone & I felt uncomfortable from her first words. When I asked could she do a tarot spread and also, what was she was seeing or hearing when she gave her first psychic insight to me, she became defensive. Also said "too hard to explain", ok well just say something you see or hear if we ask for it and let us process it how we do.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Glenn review:

Glenn it is a shame that the information was not exactly how you wanted it to be, but as you know it was accurate and from a pure source. I wish you well.


My friend had a reading and said you have to talk to Rochelle! Wow!! What a gorgeous and super intuitive psychic! Loved every minute and look so forward to calling you again! Thankyou Rochelle and so grateful you read for me at almost midnight!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Deb review:

Thankyou so much for your inspiring review Deb. :) I wish you a magical New Year in 2019. xx


Thanks again Rochelle. I don't know what I’d do without you. You are so patient with me and I’m very grateful for your time and insight which is usually spot on. Dying for the day I can ring you and tell you I’ve got what I’ve been waiting for. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Thankyou so much Nerissa. You are a beautiful spirit and I appreciate your words and heart. xx


Rochelle I have no words for you. You have been amazing thru out this situation and understand it all so well. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding, it’s very much appreciated. Your accuracy is unbelievable, and fingers crossed I can give you an update soon. I’m so surprised that you don't have more reviews as you are so genuine. Thanks again. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Nerissa it is my honour to work with you through the journey of your life. I appreciate your testimony so much hunny. Thankyou. xx


This is my second review. I have rung Rochelle a few times over a few months. Without my telling her, she was able to pinpoint a couple of problems that I have, and made excellent suggestions. I have been able to address these problems and am eternally grateful as it has had a huge impact on my life. I now have much more energy and sleep better. Thank you Rochelle.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Gillian review:

Gillian, thank you for your beautiful review. It means the world to me :) xx


Thank you Rochelle for giving me yet another great reading. Your understanding of what is going on is truly amazing and I’m forever grateful for your insight and help with this situation. Fingers crossed things start improving soon. Chat to you soon. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Thank you so much hunny. It's a pleasure to assist and connect. xx


It was good talking to you! Pretty much accurate, I will look forward talking to you further :) Very nice woman and non-judgemental. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Herra review:

It was an absolute pleasure talking with you Herra. Your heart is huge and you are a real darling. Thank you so much. xx


Rochelle was able to cover a lot of ground very quickly and saw many aspects of my situation very accurately. She offered useful insights. It felt like talking to an old friend. It lifted me up and I felt inspired to persevere through my very difficult circumstances with more hope.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Gillian review:

It was my pleasure Gillian. You've got this! Much love.


Rochelle gave me a great reading. She was lovely to talk to and I found her very warm and positive. She picked up on the situation quickly and seemed very accurate. Looking forward to her prediction coming true.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Thank you so much Nerissa. You put a smile on my heart.


So much information in 15 mins. My mother has recently passed and I found the information received was so reassuring and helpful. I can’t wait to speak to Rochelle again in the future for an update to see how my mum is going. I may even get a reading for myself but I just needed to hear everything Rochelle shared with me.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kim review:

Thank you so much Kim. It was an honour and pleasure. xx


Just had a reading what a waste of time and money. She just couldn't be bothered and I was left feeling even more crappy than when I already felt! Won't be wasting my time again.


Many thanks for the clear guidance and helpful info that will guide me on the path forward. A couple of really pertinent points and ideas. Clear and good connection and validations. Thank you!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynda review:

It was a pleasure reading for you Lynda. It was one of those readings that are unforgettable. Lots of love.


Thank you so much for your time today Rochelle, you have been so honest and clear with your reading to me and have helped me find that clarity I have been looking for in my current situation. Very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable which made it so easy to open up to you and let the conversation flow. Can highly recommend Rochelle if you are looking for some peace of mind and a gorgeous lady to talk to. Thanks again! x


You were so accurate. Best experience I have had with a psychic. Recommended you to my best friend straight away and she agrees. Thank you.


Rochelle was spot on with her psychic insight. I would wholeheartedly recommend her for a reading. She is extremely perceptive and I did not have to explain other people to her, she knew who they were. Thank you Rochelle ?


I felt guided and reassured.


I had a reading for the 1st time with Rochelle and let me tell you she blew me away. Her accuracy was spot on and it was as if she knew the individuals personally. I love her direct and honest approach. She doesn't sugar coat anything and says it as it is but in a gentle and caring manner. She certainly is one of the best readers I’ve spoken to and very authentic and honest. Thanks again Rochelle… Love and light xx


I would just like to take a moment to thank Rochelle from the bottom of my heart. I rang Rochelle expecting to her to tell me that the decision I was about to make was the right one. Without me even saying anything other than my own name she got to the bottom of the situation. Was completely accurate. She then continued to tell me my decision was not the right one and to hang in there. I’m so glad I rang her because if I hadn’t and put my decision into action, today I would be regretting it. This lady is amazing and so kind but yet straight up. Thanks Rochelle for your insight and calming presence just when I needed it most. xx


I had a reading with Rochelle early in the year. She was so great back then that I just had to book another reading with her. Rochelle is a wonderful person…So kind and straight to the point. You’re a beautiful person Rochelle. Thank you for such a great reading. God bless and have a great Christmas :)


Rochelle is amazing - she is so caring and considerate. But most importantly she is honest and will tell you the truth at all times. So blessed to have had her read for me several times - she is my go-to-girl here at Absolute Soul Secrets. Rochelle has amazing insight into your life with no background information - it is like she is sitting right beside you living your feelings with you. Honest, direct but caring, considerate and surprisingly gentle - will back for her to read for me again once certain events have played out :)


Rochelle did a reading for me a few months ago telling me about my settlement. She said it would happen in the first few weeks of January and all would go well for me .This put me at rest when it did come .And she was so right it all went as she said. I can't thank you enough. I will be calling again so if you want answers, get a reading from Rochelle. She's the best. Thank you so much :)

Thank you Rochelle for an excellent reading. I felt very grounded and comfortable with you. You were attuned on your take on me, my ex, and family and outer world dynamics. You were not trying to make me feel better as such - I am dealing with adversities that are just what they are, and want clarity around them. That said, I have come out of the reading feeling very reinforced. I like the sound and feeling of your voice and the thoughtful way in which you speak :-) With warmest wishes.

I had a reading with Rochelle for the first time last weekend. I had read her bio and the testimonials (something that I always like to do prior to selecting a reader). I always have that healthy skeptic however, that likes to see for myself if all the hype is true. Well, I can truly say, and I don't say it lightly, that Rochelle gave me a brilliant reading. When I say a brilliant reading, I don't mean she told me what I wanted to hear. What she did do was immediately hone into what I was calling about and the facts around it, (with no background information) as if she was reading my mind. She was simply amazing. Rochelle confirmed what I had been thinking by projecting into my future, the outcomes that she (and I) had envisioned from my current situation. I would highly recommend a reading with Rochelle. It is worth the wait to get through!

WOW and WOW! Rochelle is fantastic! She picked up on a deep level what is going on. Explained exact feelings and emotions from the past and present not just from me but other people involved too! Validation after validation. Made contact with my late father. Described him exactly, where he grew up and situations from his past! Looking forward to predictions coming true. Thank you so much Rochelle. You have actually given me a place to start in moving forward. You have given me self-belief and confidence for my future.