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Welcome. My name is Kathie and I am a professional Psychic Medium, Past Lives Healer, and Spiritual Educator. I am here to be of service to you, to clarify, guide, support, and provide insight into your life journey.

I can offer you guidance about your career direction, life purpose, relationships, past lives, wellness, and more. As an evidential medium too, I can also connect with loved ones in Spirit to share messages of comfort and reassurance.

For more than 30 years I have dedicated my life to this very important spiritual work. I have completed many courses with local, national, and internationally trained psychics and mediums from The Arthur Findlay College, UK. More recently I am currently studying Kyle Gray’s certified course on Angels.

My awareness of Spirit began at a very early age, having had an “imaginary friend” at the age of 2 – 3. I talked to my guides and spirit every day! My mother, who is also a spiritualist, had several books which I devoured from the age of 10. My favourites are Edgar Cayce, Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay.

When I was 19, I met my spiritual mentor at a spiritualist church. He taught me a very unique way to contact Spirit. More importantly, he showed me how to check the accuracy and veracity of the information given to me. The many lessons learned with him formed the basis of everything I do today.

Every spiritual connection I have with a client is significant and special. With honesty and integrity, you will receive helpful and supportive messages from Spirit and your loved ones. Sometimes I will use oracle cards if called to do so, but mostly I rely on my psychic abilities which include:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Mediumship
  • Past Lives Healing
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Angel Practices
  • Light Worker
  • Psychometry
  • Oracle Cards

I would love the opportunity to offer you guidance to open a new pathway, heal your heart or help you see beyond who you are.

If you would like a reading from me, please use my ID No. 2243.

Kathie’s Other Qualifications/Psychic Skills

Mediumship Development – many courses | Teacher and Mentor of Spiritual Development | Kyle Gray’s Certified Angel Course – currently studying | Bachelor of Arts (Jur.)/Bachelor of Law Degree | Life Coach | Multiple Business Owner | Writer and Proofreader

Psychic Kathie from Absolute Soul Secrets

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Country: AU
Starsign: Gemini
ID Code: 2243


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Reviews for Kathie

Kathie is rated 6.0/6 from a total of 10 Rated Reviews.

Kathie is an absolute pleasure to get guidance from. Her accuracy is amazing and her level of empathy and assurance was phenomenal. I highly recommend Kathie to anyone. She gets 100/100 from me. Definitely will be getting another reading from her in the future.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sophia review:

Thank you so very much Sophia. You are a courageous woman with a beautiful heart. Stand fast and stay resolute. Deepest thanks. xx


What a great reading! Kathie is so calming and picks up on the situation very quickly and accurately. Better days ahead for me. You will love her style. Will definitely speak to Kathie again. Thanks so much. :*)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to M. review:

Thank you so very much M for your wonderful review. You are a beautiful soul who deserves every happiness. Stay true to yourself. Deepest thanks. :)


Kathie provided a highly intelligent and articulate reading. I was impressed with her ethical and sensitive delivery where I felt connected to call her back straight away. I am looking forward to my next reading with Kathie. Thank you for your guidance.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to M. review:

Thank you for your amazing review M. It was a pleasure and a privilege to read for you. You are a very special soul the world truly needs. :)


I’ve had a couple of readings with Kathie and I was very impressed, she is an excellent psychic and also a very empathetic and intelligent lady. Highly recommended!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ioana review:

Thank you so very much for your wonderful review Ioana. It has been a pleasure and a delight to speak with you. Deepest thanks. :)


Wow - what a great reading, made you feel at ease. Told you what she saw not what you want to hear. This lady is going to be so busy - give her your time, you won’t be disappointed. Will call again. Light and love. O:-)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Thank you so very much for your lovely review Karen. It was a privilege to do a reading for you. Stay strong. Deepest thanks. :)


Kathie you were so calming in your read. Spot on with picking up on my situation and very detailed. You gave me some great advice and a balanced view on how to deal with it. Welcome to the team. Highly recommend.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Netta review:

Thank you so much Netta. It was such a pleasure doing a reading for you and I’m so glad it helped. :)


Kathie was able to pick up on areas of concern and gave clear predictions around those areas. Thank you Kathie and welcome to ABSS.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to D.S. review:

Thank you so much for your fantastic review D.S. It was an absolute pleasure to read for you. I truly hope it helped. :)


Kathie was able to describe current situations with accuracy and insight. A lot of detail was given to give me clarity. Unfortunately the call dropped off and obviously Kathie is in hot demand so will try and reconnect again. Another great reader for ABSS.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jac review:

Thank you so much Jac for your wonderful review. I’m so sorry the call was somehow disconnected, but I very much hope that we can reconnect soon. It was an honour to do a reading for you. :)


Kathie wow! Loved speaking with you. Another great psychic on this forum. There was no sugar coating and great clarity of information, with specifics which I didn’t provide but she could pick up. I’m looking forward to speaking with you again. Thank you Kathie!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sarina review:

Thank you so very much Sarina. It was a privilege to give you a reading. My deepest thanks for such an incredible review. :)


I had a lovely reading with Kathie. Lots of details and very accurate descriptions of personalities and events. Really understanding of the situation and gave clear predictions.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Fiona review:

Thank you so much Fiona. It was an absolute honour to give you a reading. My heartfelt thanks for such a wonderful review. :)