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Hello and welcome. My name is Jodie-Ann and I am a professional Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer, and Life Coach. Helping others through my spiritual work is the true calling of my soul. By this I mean my connections with the higher divine, allows me to share and help as many people possible for the greatest of humanity.

Having read professionally for hundreds of people over the years, I can communicate and deliver messages from Spirit, the Ascended Masters, Angels, or passed loved ones. It fills my heart to see my clients feel the capacity of their power from these messages. With enlightenment and clarity, they have newfound self-love to open their eyes to all the possibilities available to them.

As a young child, I could communicate with the spiritual realm and those who had crossed over. Being raised a Catholic and no family members to guide me, I was blessed to have Spirit make me aware of who I was truly meant to be in my later years. It was like a cloud lifted from my life.

So naturally, I developed a thirst for knowledge and learning in all things spiritual. Under the guidance of some well-known psychic development teachers, I spent years studying, researching, and practising to fine-tune my abilities. This included platform reading work at spiritualist churches, and gaining an infinite knowledge of the tarot, oracle, and angel cards. I also have a vast knowledge and understanding of the moon energies, including Astrology.

My clients tell me that my psychic readings leave them feeling invigorated, with a renewed energy to achieve greater success and happiness in their lives. I would love to offer you guidance sharing my abilities which include:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Channelling
  • Mediumship
  • Spiritual Healing
  • White Witchcraft
  • Past Lives
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Moon Magic
  • Psychometry
  • Oracle Cards
  • Spells
  • Tarot

In the end, the messages that come through can help restore your self-esteem, leaving you feeling enlightened and inspired with a greater understanding of the ‘why’s’. It can be so empowering to clear away the baggage or energies that may have been holding you back.

If you would like a reading from me, please use my ID No. 2208.

Psychic Jodie-Ann from Absolute Soul Secrets

Country: AU
Starsign: Aries
ID Code: 2208


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Reviews for Jodie-Ann

Jodie-Ann is rated 6.0/6 from a total of 6 Rated Reviews.

Thankyou for a great reading Jodie-Ann. Talking it out and hearing you confirm my thoughts was very reassuring. Spot on and accurate! :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sandii review:

Thank you Sandii. It was my pleasure talking with you. I’m pleased that I gave you clarity of mind and confirmed a few details for you. Much Love and many Blessings to you. xxx


Jodie-Ann thank you for today's reading! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your descriptions were 100% accurate. I will be implementing your calming and strengthening tips!!! Hope to talk soon. <3<3

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Norma review:

Thank you Norma - it was my pleasure and I really enjoyed our chat too. You are an admirable lady… your strength need not be questioned! You’ve got this! Much Love and many Blessings to you. xxx


Jodie-Ann what a great job you did... great reading… bull's eye in everything I requested you to look into. Many thanks and will be in touch as I progress. Take care and god bless you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ajay review:

Thank you Ajay. May your journey be filled with exciting adventures and wonderful times. Safe travels. Looking forward to hearing all about your progress. Much Love and Blessings to you. xxx


Very good reading from Jodie-Ann today, in half an hour she managed to see more than others see in weeks! Very deep, accurate and helpful! Highly recommended! I’ll definitely call again! Many thanks Jodie-Ann. <3

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ioana review:

Thank you Ioana. Your situation was very touching and heartfelt. I will keep you in my prayers until we speak again. Much Love and Blessings to you. :)


Jodie-Ann is an absolute blessing! Her presence and guidance was uplifting and created a safe space to speak openly and honestly. I honestly felt like I was speaking to an old friend when we spoke yesterday. Thank you Jodie-Ann, will definitely be calling back. Love and Light. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sarah review:

Thank you Sarah. It is pleasing to know that my guidance for your situation was uplifting. Looking forward to our next ‘friendly’ chat. Much Love and Blessings to you. :)


Jodie-Ann... I want to kick-start your time here with a very strong review! Thank you for some very true, I am sure, insights into my past and also for my future! Your advice for me at this stage of my life journey I believe is both extremely salient and apt! I loved your reading and I’d like to say a BIG WELL DONE!!!! LOVE <3 <3

Julie-Anne G
Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Julie-Anne G review:

Thank you for my first review Julie-Anne. I appreciate it very much and it made my day, with a big smile! Much Love and many Blessings to You. xxx