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Welcome! My name is Jennifer, and I am a professional Intuitive Tarot Reader. I love this spiritual work! I have been reading professionally for more than 30 years now. Helping people to overcome obstacles and find direction on their journey truly warms my heart.

Using Tarot, in combination with Numerology, Astrology, and psychic intuition, I can explore, discover, understand, and interpret the answers to your life path. In turn, this can help you live life with greater understanding and wisdom.

I must admit, I especially love, love, love the Tarot. In fact, I conduct Tarot classes and groups in between readings. When I was given my first tarot deck in my 20’s, I had a natural affinity with this amazing tool. Tarot offers another perspective. It can draw our attention to and clarify what is going on for us. And this helps us to better appreciate what we are dealing with too.

When I also include Astrology and Numerology during my readings, I find it can set the guidelines that influence the journey you can take. Along with my psychic intuition, this allows me to give you a balanced map of your unique life and wellbeing.

Primarily, my goal is to give you the confidence and reassurance to take the next step forward, without fear. During your reading, I can show you the positives and steps to fulfill your future around your unique situation. It may be about your business, career, relationships, family concerns, or love and commitment. Some of my psychic abilities include:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Tarot

Sometimes a passed loved one may come through during my readings. When we lose a loved one, the grief can be so overwhelming that we feel we can’t go on or move forward. These connections have brought much peace and closure for my clients.

I remember one reading I had with a client who lost her lovely dad. As I was getting more involved in the reading, I felt someone play with my hair and tickle my feet. I mentioned this to my client who said, “Yep that’s Dad”. The energy in the room changed immediately from sadness to happy memories of her dad and his cheeky ways.

If you would like a reading with me, please use my ID No. 2254.

Jennifer’s Other Qualifications/Psychic Skills

Tarot Teacher | Cert IV in Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol | Aged Care Support Worker | Diploma in Marketing and Copy Writing

Psychic Jennifer from Absolute Soul Secrets

Country: AU
Starsign: Leo
ID Code: 2254


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Reviews for Jennifer

Jennifer is rated 6.0/6 from a total of 3 Rated Reviews.

I just had the most AMAZING reading with Jennifer this morning. Her ability to pick up the situations I am in is 1000% accurate. She is a very lovely and honest reader, easy to talk to as well. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone and everyone. I will definitely be speaking to Jennifer again. Thank you for an amazing reading. Blessings.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sophia review:

Thank you Sophia for your lovely review. Your open energy and openness were fantastic! It was a pleasure to read for you. Take care. Blessings with light and love. :)


Wow! Thank you so much Jennifer. What an amazing reader! So accurate and picked up my situation within seconds… the accuracy of my situation was so spot on. I recommend a reading with Jennifer! I cannot thank you enough for your insights - so caring in giving the messages coming through. If I could give you more stars I would. 100/100! I’ll definitely be back for an update.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Rosa review:

Thank you so much Rosa for your kind review. It was so lovely to talk to you... you have such a lovely, open energy. It was a pleasure to read for you. Sending you blessings. And take care. :)


Hello Jennifer. What a great reader of all time... you gave me peace of mind for what I was seeking, and you told me everything which was a bullseye. You have put me in the right direction, and I am very happy with the reading. A reader like you shouldn't be missed or be disappointed at all. Thank you so much… will be back for more readings.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ajay review:

Thank you so much Ajay for your kind review. It was lovely to talk to you. Sending you many blessings. :)