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Hi, I´m Gary and I am a professional psychic problem solver. Having been gifted since my teen years, I have been able to predict the outcome of situations sometimes down to the week. Timing IS possible for some psychics, and I am one of those.

I´m here to help give clarity to just about any kind of situation that you can name. Having said this, my specialty is love and relationship predictions. When will he or she appear in my life? Will he or she come back? Will the man or woman you just met be the right one for you?

My information comes from Spirit when I read the cards. I have worked with the same North American Indian Guide, Black Cloud, since the age of sixteen. My readings are a mixture of Destiny and your Free Will. I am never judgemental, always ready to help and provide guidance.

Clients tell me I have seen things as far ahead as around two years, but in most cases my readings are confined to the current year. However, when I am doing readings, my clairvoyance is always working but I may use Tarot cards and Astrology. Other people in your life show up in the Tarot cards, but the timing of future events is often revealed in the Astrology chart. For those who simply don´t like Astrology, I will only use the cards. But no matter what I am using, my clairvoyance is always working.

When I read for someone, they get what they need to hear, as well as the information that they ask for, through my gifts which include:

  • Astrology
  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Tarot

In between my phone reading work at Absolute Soul Secrets, I am often invited to Spiritualist Churches to provide mediumship readings. I really enjoy these sessions as the messages and connections I receive as I trance channel are very powerful and comforting to others.

I always tell the truth with compassion and integrity, and I will not hide anything that is revealed from Spirit. It would be my honor to help guide you in any situation.

If you would like a reading from me, please use my ID No. 2201.

Psychic Gary from Absolute Soul Secrets

Country: ES
Starsign: Cancer
ID Code: 2201


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Reviews for Gary

Gary is rated 5.7/6 from a total of 19 Rated Reviews.

Thankyou Gary for your insightful & clear reading. It has helped confirm what I was thinking about regarding my relationship - I absolutely recommend Gary if you want the truth delivered with compassion.


Another great reading from Gary. Very succinct and accurate so far. The astrology is particularly useful for timing and I am pleased he is so polished with it.


Gary is great. My third reading… he knew about things my ex had of mine he couldn't guess. Direct and to the point… no sugar coating. Thankyou.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Allyson review:

Wow Allyson. Again I’m really happy you liked the reading and look forward to doing another one for you in the near future. :)


Merci beaucoup Gary. Your readings have been very insightful and accurate. In the last case down to the hour!! I really look forward to this weekend's forecast coming into realisation.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Hope review:

Thank you Hope for the review. It´s great to hear that I predicted it would be twelve days and it turned out to be twelve hours! Keep going, it will be fine. I look forward to reading for you in the future. :)


I had again an excellent reading from Gary. His cards, and also his extensive knowledge of astrology gives him amazing accuracy. I actually called back for the astrology, I had been looking for an accurate astrologer for a long time. His no-nonsense, no sugar-coating reading style resonates with me, he gives me information that I can work with, no fluff. Thanks Gary, I’ll call again soon.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ioana review:

Thank you Ioana, especially the comment about the astrology. Cards give you information, astrology gives you timing. I will definitely be on for you in the two weeks’ time that you mentioned to put up the rest of the astrology charts you want. Blessings and thanks again. :)


Gary is incredibly accurate. He does the most amazing astrology and everything he said has happened. He is one of the best here and is honest.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Allyson review:

Thank you Allyson. I am extremely pleased to hear from you that everything I have predicted for you has happened. Thank my guide Black Cloud. Honesty and straightforwardness are the hallmarks of my work. You are on the right path now. Stay on it… I´ll be around when you need me always. :)


Gary was to the point and very fast and accurate. Picked up on little details he could not know. He does not say what you want to hear. He was accurate and I appreciate his help.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Allyson review:

Thank you Allyson for the nice review about my reading. You can look forward to good things ahead. I´m here if you need me. :)


Gary is an excellent psychic. He answers all your questions and gives you useful guidance. I am going through a difficult time with lots of family issues and speaking with Gary helped me a lot, he gave me clarity and put things into perspective. Thank you Gary, I’ll definitely call again!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ioana review:

Thank you Ioana for the very kind review… this keeps my spirits up. Whenever you need another reading, I will be here for you. :)


2 nights ago I got a reading from Gary. It was excellent. Spot on about most issues in my life and very knowledgeable about matters of a spiritual nature. I would highly recommend him.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Patricia review:

Dear Patricia, your review was so heart warming! You are a spiritual warrior in spite of your challenges. Stay on the planet a long time and help others. Would love to read for you again. :)


I felt the reading was unsatisfactory, I would not recommend a reading with Gary. I did not feel comfortable during the reading.


Glad I followed my intuition and spoke to Gary. Was not disappointed. No beating around the bush and direct and clear with his answers. I certainly will be calling him again. Thank you Gary.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Bianca review:

Your review is very kind and I appreciate it Bianca. It makes my day when I hear back that I have given a good reading. I look forward to reading for you in the days to come. :)


Gary is sensational! He is blunt and gets straight to the point (doesn’t waste your time & money)... but all delivered in a cheerful & witty manner. His predictions for my future were insightful & exciting. He even pinpointed the date something will happen in less than 2 months! Thoroughly recommend Gary - I look forward to seeing his forecasts for my future unfold.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Janine review:

Thank you Janine for your kind review. I look forward to helping you in any way I can in the near future. Stay safe. :)


Gary was upfront and honest and I’m looking forward to the predictions! Such a lovely and funny man!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to V. review:

I really appreciate your very kind review of my reading V. I look forward to helping you in any way I can in the future. :)


First call. Amazing detail, honesty and accuracy. He told me what he got, not the other way around. Will call again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Allyson review:

Thank you for the kind review of my reading for you Allyson. I make a point to always tell the truth. It comes straight from my Guide, not me. I will always be there to help you out when you need me. Take care. :)


Thankyou for being so real and honest Gary! You were spot on with so many things. Not to mention absolutely hilarious, it was nice to have a laugh! Thankyou again. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Annabelle review:

Many thanks for your nice review Annabelle. I always feel good when I read that I have made a client happy. I look forward to reading for you again. :)


Gary was so nice, and upfront. I really appreciated his reading. A breath of fresh air.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sian review:

Thank you for the kind review Sian. It means a lot to me. I hope to read for you again in the future. :)


Found Gary to be kind, friendly and informative to my situation… made the reading… so I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the show down in June lol. I'd be happy to get another reading with Gary. Thanks for making me feel comfortable… ‘till next time. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Amanda review:

Thank you so much for the kind review Amanda. I really appreciate it. I hope to read for you again soon. :)


Great reading with Gary! He goes right to your questions. He was able to give me the confirmations I needed. I am looking forward to his predictions. I will use him again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to J. review:

Thank you June for your kind review. I work hard to bring through the information exactly as it comes to me from my Guide. All the best. :)


Gary thank you for a great reading! I like your style in that you answer the question that is being asked. Very excited about my book and appreciate your reading.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anonymous review:

Thank you very much for the nice review. I look forward to serving you in the future. :)