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image of passionate couple in embrace

Date: 23.10.14 Author: Rose Smith

Reignite the Fire in your Relationship

After being with the same person for a while, many people find themselves growing less attracted to their partner and falling out of lust. Luckily, there are several things you can do to relight the fire in your relationship.

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image of two women friends in conflict

Date: 17.10.14 Author: Rose Smith

My Friends Don’t Like My Partner

One of the first things we do is introduce our new love interest to our closest friends. Unfortunately, some of our friends may not be as crazy about your significant other as you are. If none of your friends like your partner..why?

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woman motivated running up the hill

Date: 09.10.14 Author: Rose Smith

Simple Rules of Motivation

Staying motivated may seem hard. But it is not. It is all about not letting negative thoughts control your mind. Read this snippet article from Rose about believing in yourself to get motivated!

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image of silhouette hikers climbing a steep mountain

Date: 02.10.14 Author: Rose Smith

Conquer your Fear of Failure

Everybody has goals they want to accomplish; buy a house, start a family or get that dream job. But people are often held back by one nagging emotion – fear. Fear of change, hard work and ultimately, failure.

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image of libran woman holding scales fantasy

Date: 25.09.14 Author: Rose Smith

Starsign Spotlight on Libra

It’s your turn Libra to read some awesome facts about you! Check out this article about all your loveable Libran traits. Go ahead and read on…it will make you feel great about yourself.

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image of beautiful woman wearing mask in the dark

Date: 22.09.14 Author: Rose Smith

Reveal Your Psychic Ability

Have you ever wondered how to develop, increase or reveal your psychic secrets and talents? Maybe you haven’t even considered yourself psychic in any manner whatsoever? Or you may not know what being psychic actually means.

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image of fantasy style virgo woman on blue background

Date: 18.09.14 Author: Rose Smith

Starsign Spotlight on Virgo

The spotlight is still on you Virgo! Read some fun facts about your personality, your starsign compatibility, the best job types for you and other famous Virgos who share your wonderful traits.

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image of child ghost in the forest

Date: 05.09.14 Author: Rose Smith

Ghost Spotting

Have you ever seen a ghost. Rose Smith has! Read about her interesting ghost experience when she was a young woman travelling through cattle country in south west NSW.

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image of lonely woman looking sad

Date: 29.08.14 Author: Rose Smith

How To Deal With Loneliness

Feeling lonely? Believe it or not, making new friends and broadening your social circle is a lot easier than you think…provided you are prepared to put some effort in. Read our tips on how to connect with new friends.

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image of silhouette man meditating

Date: 28.08.14 Author: Rose Smith

Powerful Mantra Tips

Attract more love, abundance, success in your life and do a Mantra ritual regularly. The effectiveness of a mantra is more powerful if you have strong intention about what it is you wish to achieve, and then say it with conviction.

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