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image of woman and man in an argument

Date: 27.02.15 Author: Rose Smith

Communicating with Men

It’s no secret that men and women communicate differently. However, women attempt to communicate with their romantic partners just as they would with their female friends. Communicating with men requires a different approach.

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image of tarot cards

Date: 23.02.15 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot for 24 February 2015

You gotta pay attention to this Tuesday Tarot because we are sure this will resonate with you, regardless of what is happening in your life. Our Tuesday Tarots are personal interpretations from Rose Smith.

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image of piscean woman with fish

Date: 21.02.15 Author: Rose Smith

Starsign Spotlight on Pisces

Flowing with the energy around them, Pisceans are creative and receptive to new ideas. Occasionally possessing psychic gifts, Pisceans are kind, but may have trouble establishing appropriate boundaries with others.

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image of dragon for chinese new year in macau

Date: 09.02.16 Author: Rose Smith

The Meaning Behind Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year marks the turn of the Chinese calendar, which typically falls between late January and mid February. 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. Read the history behind this significant Chinese celebration.

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symbolic images of taoism and feng shui

Date: 11.02.15 Author: Judith

I Ching Wisdom Oracle for the Whole World

Would you like to know more about a book of philosophy in oracle format, which has been in constant use since 2,850 BC? Would you like to gain advice about how to take a balanced, workable approach, in any given situation?

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image of crying angel statue

Date: 30.01.15 Author: Rose Smith

Coping With Loss

In the journey of coping with a loved one’s death, there is no end point or final destination. You will never wake up one morning and feel completely healed from the tragedy of your loved one’s passing. Help is at hand.

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image of aquarian woman pouring water

Date: 22.01.15 Author: Rose Smith

Starsign Spotlight on Aquarius

Wow you awesome Aquarians! You clearly are an all-round talent. Not only are you imaginative, analytical, inventive, intelligent and strong business leaders, but many people born under the Aquarius starsign possess psychic abilities too.

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image of woman breaking free from chains

Date: 16.01.15 Author: Thomas

Free Yourself From High Expectations

Psychic Thomas is a longstanding psychic reader at Absolute Soul Secrets. The essence of the calls he receives are related to people who are in conflict with love, work, family, friends, money and high expectations. Read his story.

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image of typewriter typing 2015

Date: 09.01.15 Author: Rose Smith

Start Your New Year Off Right

If you want 2015 to be your year – of change, growth or success – there are several steps you should take to seize the day and break free from your old ways. Creating a new you goes far beyond simply making New Year’s resolutions.

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image of video thumbnail Soul Connection

Date: 25.12.14 Author: Rose Smith

Strengthen Your Soul Connection

Do you want to strengthen the Divine Connection with your Soul? Then watch this video by Rose Smith! You will find some powerful messages in this video, mainly that we are here in this universe to be happy.

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