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Be Yourself words written in the sky clouds

Date: 18.07.14 Author: Rose Smith

Be Happy In Your Own Skin

Being comfortable in your own skin is the first step in learning to love yourself, and something you can only accomplish when you stop competing with those around you.

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image of woman flirting with another man behind her partner's back

Date: 10.07.14 Author: Rose Smith

Interpreting Love’s Mixed Signals

You are in love with someone…but do they love you back? Sometimes we get what we think are love signals….all mixed up. You can determine if they ‘really are in to you’ after reading this article.

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image of beautiful purple moon and reflection in the water

Date: 30.05.14 Author: Rose Smith

Moon Phases Explained

Harness the energy of the moon and the eight moon phases to achieve personal growth. Understanding the different phases of the moon and how they affect us, may just lead you closer towards achieving your goals.

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image of the moon phases

Date: 30.06.14 Author: Rose Smith

July Moon Phases 2014

Welcome to the Moon Phases for July 2014! As a reminder we have included below how you can benefit from the moon’s energy during each of the phases. Read our ‘snapshot’ overview.

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image of couple relaxing and in love on the beach

Date: 26.06.14 Author: Rose Smith

What Women Really Want

Is he the one for you? Our psychics get asked this question all the time. Based on our relationship reading experiences, our psychics list the top 10 qualities that women are looking for in a guy.

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image of happy couple smiling at each other under bed covers

Date: 20.06.14 Author: Rose Smith

The Real Law of Attraction

How do we attract what we really want in life? Positive thinking in itself is not necessarily sufficient to change reality. We must operate on at least four levels or four different realities, to move closer towards our goals and dreams.

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beautiful orange trees in winter

Date: 13.06.14 Author: Rose Smith

Removing Obstacles in Winter

Winter is a great time to create new beginnings and remove any obstacles that have been weighing you down. Rose Smith talks about how you can start creating positive change by doing a simple ritual during the Winter Solstice.

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image of heart chakra video thumbnail

Date: 03.05.14 Author: Rose Smith

Soul Secrets Healing and Your Heart Chakra

Understanding and working on your Chakras can help restore balance and healing in your life. This video is about the Heart Chakra which when in balance, allows you to enjoy abundance and enriching relationships.

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image of the transform of the lotus flower in different colours

Date: 01.05.14 Author: Rose Smith

Transformation Ritual Ideas

Prepare yourself for transformation this Autumn. Transformation is a wonder thing, however it makes space for new and exciting opportunities to enter our lives. Read Rose Smith’s Personal Transformation Ritual Ideas.

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image of ruins in the clouds

Date: 15.01.14 Author: Rose Smith

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing involves healing your family tree, which includes both you and any descendents you have. Our ancestors pass down energetic patterns of thoughts, illnesses and karma which can effect every part of a person’s life.

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