Understanding a Psychic’s Toolbox

image of beautiful psychic with crystal ball

Psychic readings vary widely in structure and can offer completely different experiences based on the psychic’s style. Though it may seem as if all psychics are blessed with the same gifts, each has a different set of skills and uses a range of tools to enhance their reading abilities.The role of a psychic dates back to the 19th century and has changed considerably throughout its lifetime. Many of the methods still in effect today have been around for hundreds of years, but newer approaches have emerged as well. A psychic’s array of tools could include:

Tarot: The tarot is a deck of cards that typically contains 78 cards in four suits. Each card features a picture and label that represents a specific idea, action or object. Tarot cards are used to predict what is in store for the person to whom they’re dealt. Many people prefer to ask a specific question to the Tarot, which the psychic then tries to answer by dealing the cards. Others like to see what general direction the cards take without giving a prompt.

Angel cards: Angel cards are similar to Tarot cards in that a psychic will deal a deck of cards to provide guidance on any issues the subject of the reading may have. However, a psychic who uses Angel cards is specifically seeking help from angels and other spiritual beings during the reading. As a result, Angel card readings are generally more positive and uplifting in nature than Tarot cards, which can deliver disappointing news or fortunes.

Crystal balls: Perhaps the most familiar tool used by psychics, crystal balls are believed to enable clairvoyance. Psychics with this gift can look into a crystal ball and fall into a special trance where they learn valuable information about the person sitting across from them. Historically, they’ve also been used to help locate missing people and objects during times of need.

Crystals: Some psychics elect to use crystals to strengthen their gifts, selecting a specific stone based on the ability they’re trying to enhance. Amber, purple amethyst, smoky quartz and black obsidian are a few common crystals used during psychic readings, each containing its own special power. The use of these stones can be powerful and significantly amplify one’s psychic abilities.

Every psychic has their own unique gifts and will leverage them in different ways. The tools listed above are just a small representation of the psychic tools available. By using the tools best suited to their personal methodology, psychics can provide clients with the most accurate, effective readings possible. Psychics can use these tools in any reading environment, including during a phone psychic reading or face to face reading.

After experimenting with a few different psychics, determine which style you prefer and embrace the channel through which it’s performed. In the meantime, why not check out the skills, modalities and tools used by our psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets on the Our Psychics page.

Author: Rose Smith