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Anger Management: Why Am I So Angry All the Time

image of angry woman with steam coming out of ears

A Bit of Anger is Healthy

Anger is a completely normal emotion and something that everyone will feel at different points in their life. And probably with good reason! Are you having problems with anger management? It’s healthy to express anger in a healthy and appropriate manner. However, some people tend to be angry more often than not, and their anger is typically unprovoked. This anger takes over their lives and ruins their relationships in the process.

Can You Control Your Anger?

Or does it control you? Are you usually mad at people in your life for insignificant reasons? Do you become angry at minor inconveniences? Have your loved ones needed to calm you down on several occasions?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might have a problem with controlling your temper. It might not seem like a big deal right now, but anger issues can land you in hot water quicker than you can blink. Angry words are like a bushfire, they escape your mouth and then the consequences can’t be easily controlled. The damage is done.

As with most problems, the first step to overcoming excessive anger is recognising that you have a problem. From there, you need to find the source of your anger.

Below are common sources of anger that might explain your problem:

You have an unresolved conflict with an important person in your life.

Is there an issue that you’ve neglected to resolve with a family member, romantic partner or close friend? It may be at the back of your mind, but a grudge that you’ve held on to could be the source of your anger. Make a list of any unresolved conflicts you have with people close to you and make an effort to close the loop on each of those problems. Not only will you find peace, but you’ll enhance the lives of those around you.

You regret a major life decision you once made.

Do you wish you would have chosen a different career path or settled down with a different partner? Regret can be a huge driver of anger, so you may be feeling resentment towards a major choice you made at one point or another. If you feel like this may be the case, decide if the choice you made can be undone. Even if it’s difficult, righting that wrong could lift a huge weight off your shoulders. If the choice isn’t something you can redo, you need to come to terms with the decision you made and try and find the positive aspects of the situation.

Anger Management Techniques

Start working on some anger management techniques:

Identify Triggers:

Take stock of the things that trigger your anger. Recognize patterns and situations that lead to frustration or irritation.

Take a Timeout:

When you feel anger rising, step away from the situation. Give yourself time to cool down before reacting.

  1. Express Yourself:

Find healthy ways to express your anger. Talk about your feelings with someone you trust or write them down.

Use Relaxation Techniques:

Practice deep breathing, meditation, or progressive muscle relaxation to reduce tension in your body.

Challenge Negative Thinking

Challenge negative thought patterns that fuel anger. Replace them with more balanced or positive thoughts.

  1. Practice Assertiveness:

Learn to express your needs and boundaries assertively without aggression.

Physical Activity:

Engage in regular exercise to release built-up tension and boost mood.

  1. Humor:

Use humor to diffuse anger and gain perspective on the situation.

  1. Self-Care:

Prioritize self-care to maintain emotional well-being.

  1. Build Resilience:

Develop tolerance for frustration and setbacks.

  1. Seek Professional Help:

If anger issues persist, consider counseling or cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to address unhelpful thoughts and behaviors. Or call one of our psychics to help you with anger management.

Focusing on the good and not the bad should help ease your angry feelings.

You feel that you’ve gotten the short end of the stick.

You may have anger management issues if you’ve ever felt like you deserve better. If you feel as if you’re always getting the short end of the stick, this feeling is likely the source of your anger. You should identify all the ways in which you feel stiffed and see what you can to do rectify those situations. Stand up for yourself and make a case for why you deserve better. You need to believe that you do actually deserve more out of life. If you don’t believe this first step, then start believing this now. Everyone deserves to reach their potential in life.

Though anger is a common emotion, it shouldn’t overshadow other emotions like love, joy and hope. If you feel like anger is running your life, you need to admit your problem and identify its source. Once you do, you will find yourself a happier, calmer person.

It’s never too late to fix an anger problem – you just have to take the first step. Call one of our professional psychics who are not only gifted, but are very experienced in guiding people who have emotional issues. Go to our home page for the phone number for your country to call.

If you are on the receiving end of someone’s anger or it’s you that’s angry, talk to one of our compassionate psychics. Check out their profiles here.

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