Neptune in Pisces 2020

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune is the Planet of Creativity

Neptune entered Pisces on February 3, 2011 and will stay there until approximately January 2026. Pisces is the natural home of Neptune and this transpersonal planet takes approximately 165 years to make a complete orbit around the sun. Neptune in Pisces heralds the development of the arts, spirituality and the release from the subconscious of secret and hidden information. Artists, dancers, musos and mystics, your time has come! Rejoice in your creative freedom! Neptune has an affinity with female yin energy.

Focus on Your Inner Life

Neptune is retrograde in Gemini from June 23 to November 29. This period is a great time to focus on our inner life, particularly our spirituality, tranquillity and inner vision. It’s time to get messages from within. Focus on journaling, dreamwork and those very subtle communications from the higher self rather than the outside world. You might suddenly become aware of a situation that had been misinterpreted previously. All of a sudden, the world is not what it seemed and the veils are lifted from your eyes. You suddenly see the truth in clear crisp colour. Previously, you could have being trying to view a situation through the mists of illusion or even deception. This is excellent for letting go of those situations or entanglements that no longer serve you.

Get in Touch with Who You Really Are

As a herald of the transformation, especially when Neptune is resident in its home Pisces, Neptune helps get us in touch with who we really are, connecting us more to our Souls, the source of our existence. The watery home of the subconscious becomes more alive as the silver living waters from the Soul course through our bodies keeping us alive. Eventually, these spiritual waters will make their way to the oceans of the Earth in a physical sense and reinvigorate them as humanity realises what we have done to our pristine waters.

Share Your Compassion with the World

Neptune in Pisces is opening up spiritual dimensions to many people. Now is a great time to delve deep down into your subconscious to search for any hidden gifts that lay hidden. Your divine gifts seek to be released, whether they be in artistic fields or in spirituality. Neptune is also the realm of compassion and the Earth could do with some more of that!

Neptune turns Direct November 28, 2019 to June 23, 2020.

Neptune is Retrograde June 23 to November 28, 2020.

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