Your Horoscope for May 2023 – Astrological TransFORMation!

May 2023 Horoscope – What’s in Store for You by the Zodiac?

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Your Month Ahead in the Zodiac – Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius from May 1

Astrology indicates the main theme in May is ‘Spiritual Transformation’. Pluto begins its five-month retrograde on the 1st, starting the month with a real push towards inner transFORMation and INnovation. Pluto is retrograde until June 11 when it encourages us to challenge current structures within. When Pluto goes retrograde, your focus will probably become more internal. So pay attention to your dreams and the small flashes you have during the day. These clues will tell you what transFORMation is going on within.

We will also see changes around technology, innovation and social progress. You may feel compelled to question traditional societal structures and norms, seeking to transform them in a more progressive direction. This placement can also bring attention to issues around individuality and independence. This will lead to a greater sense of self-awareness and a desire to break free from limitations.

Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 or 6

On May 5 or 6 (depending on your country), we have a Flower Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio encouraging us to face our deepest emotions, hidden energies and secrets. Anything that we’ve pushed down into our bodies because it’s been too difficult to deal with, could come up!

As a Fixed sign, Scorpio’s waters really do run deep and there are set beliefs deep down within unconscious oceans. Increasingly during 2023, Scorpios may experience ‘heavy seas’ when deeply held expectations are interfered with. Be prepared to change ‘tack’ as you adjust your course to meet the swell. Taurus, Leo and Aquarius are all likely to be similarly affected, so batten down those hatches and float a bit when you can. All will work out fine as you sail to your destination. We can also expect the effects of this eclipse to last some months, both before and after May 6.

This Lunar Eclipse is not visible from North or South America but is visible from most of Europe, China, India, South Asia, Australia, New Zealand and western Pacific Islands.

Venus enters Sensitive Cancer on May 7 – Feeling More Sensitive Than Usual

The sector of your chart that Venus is currently transiting will come into play, particularly when it moves through the emotional and sensitive water sign of Cancer. This could stir up your feelings and emotions.

Usually there is a willingness to give some sort of support or care to others and we may feel more sensitive than usual. Those who have Venus in their relationship houses may have strong attachments to their family, partner, or friends. This influence can also be great for your love life!

There could also be a deep appreciation for comfort and security, and home decorating. Creating a cosy, welcoming atmosphere could become more important. Watch your horoscope to find out what part of your life will be affected. Overall, Venus in Cancer represents a deep emotional connection in love and a strong desire for emotional security and comfort in your life.

Mercury Retrograde No More – Move Forward with New Energy

On May 14, Mercury finally turns direct after being retrograde in Taurus since April 21. Probably we will start to feel like our lives are speeding up and we’re finally making progress. We may lose track of time as we make a mental adjustment to Mercury moving forward again. There is a shadow period for a week or so after the 14th as this is a ‘transition period’ where we get used to progressing forward again. When a retrograde planet turns direct, it appears to stop its backward motion and resume its normal path around the Sun. This is known as the ‘station direct’ and can be a powerful time for breaking free of past patterns and embracing new energy.

Jupiter Entering Taurus Begins on May 16

This transit may bring opportunities for financial growth, such as increased income or investments and a desire for material comfort and stability. The Bull is also associated with the physical body and self-care, so you may feel more motivated to prioritize your health and wellbeing.

Jupiter residing in the sign of the Bull can also bring a sense of contentment and satisfaction with what you have. You may also feel a desire to connect with nature and the earth. Also you may be feeling more creative so you’ll be inclined towards things like gardening, cooking, or artistic endeavors.

However, it’s important to be mindful of excess and overindulgence during this transit. Jupiter in Taurus may be a bit inclined towards laziness, stubbornness, or resistance to change also. It’s important to balance the desire for material comfort with the need for growth and evolution.

Overall, this can be a time of abundance, financial growth, and indulgence in sensual pleasures, as well as an opportunity for self-care and connection with the earth.

New Moon in Taurus May 19

This New Moon in Taurus represents a time of new beginnings, particularly in areas related to stability, security and material possessions. Taurus is an Earth sign and is associated with practicality, persistence and sensuality. Therefore, it could be a good time to focus on grounding and stabilising your life and building a strong foundation for future growth. Enjoy pleasures of the physical world!

During this New Moon, you may feel called to take action in areas related to finances, career, or physical health. This could be a good time to set new goals, create a budget or financial plan, or make changes to your daily routines to improve your physical well-being. Taurus energy is also associated with creativity and the arts because it is ruled by Venus. Consequently, this could be a good time to tap into your creative side and start a new project or pursue a hobby.

Mars enters Leo on May 20

You’re likely to be feeling more motivated in certain areas of your life. Maybe it’s time to take some risks, go for gold and pursue your goals. You may also be more passionate about your creative projects or hobbies. Alternatively you may find you have a burst of energy and enthusiasm for these pursuits.

Mars in Leo can also bring out more competitive and aggressive energy. Consequently, it’s important to be mindful of any tendencies towards conflict or domination, especially towards the people in your life. However, this energy can also be channeled into positive outlets such as sports, leadership roles, or advocacy work.

Overall, Mars in Leo can be a time of increased confidence, motivation and self-expression. You may also feel it’s a great time to tap into your creative energy and pursue your passions with gusto.

Gemini Season Begins May 21!

It’s goodbye to the Taurus season as the Taurus Sun enters Gemini on May 21 and I wish early Geminis a very Happy Birthday! As the Sun enters Gemini, there’s a shift in focus towards communication, learning, and socializing. Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury, which is associated with quick thinking, curiosity, and adaptability. You won’t know yourself when your ruling planet Mercury turns direct again on the 14th!

During this time, you may feel more social and communicative, with a desire to connect with others and exchange ideas. You may find yourself seeking out new experiences, learning opportunities, and intellectual stimulation.

This is also a great time for networking and making new connections, as Gemini is associated with socializing and building relationships. You may find yourself drawn to people who are intellectually stimulating and may enjoy exploring new topics and ideas with them.

However, this energy can also be scattered and it’s possible you may feel a bit restless. So avoid distractions, stay grounded and focused on your goals. With the Sun in Gemini, you may be more prone to multitasking or getting distracted, so it’s important to prioritize and stay organized.

Overall, the Sun in Gemini is a time of intellectual curiosity, socializing, and communication. It’s a great time to expand your horizons, connect with others, and explore new interests.

Wishing all zodiac signs a fabulous May 2023 horoscope full of cosmic new beginnings!

Psychic Astrologer Rose x

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