Mars Retrograde 2020

Mars Retrograde 2020

Mars is the Planet of Motivation

Mars the planet of motivation, energy, activity, ambition, aggression and war. He changes sign every 6 weeks or so and goes retrograde every 26 months. In 2020 Mars is going retrograde in Aries from September 9 – November 14. Allow a few days either side of these dates for the shadow affect. Mars is also the ruler of Aries and traditionally Scorpio and is considered a male or yang energy. Mars Rx will affect Arians and Scorpios most strongly.

Feelings of Frustration

When Mars is retrograde, you could be feeling a bit flat or unmotivated. Sexual desire may diminish and you may feel like lounging around not doing much. New projects started may experience difficulties. Feelings of anger and frustration may rise up. Mars is really useful to our modern day lives as he gives us ambition, energy and the motivation to act. So when he turns retrograde, we may miss that energetic feeling even to the point of wondering if we’re off colour or unwell. Sometimes, we can feel turbulent emotions bubbling up that are difficult to deal with. We could be feeling frustrated or ‘out of sorts’ and those closest to us are walking around on eggshells.

Delay Important Decisions

Whilst Mars is Rx, it’s not a good time to start a business or a new project. As the God of War, Mars Rx can also cause problems in relationships with family and significant others. There may be unnecessary arguments and sexual relationships can sometimes fizzle out too.

Mars is also associated with sharp instruments like knives and swords, so do be careful with these during the retrograde period. Sharps are probably symbolic indicating cognition, decision making, analysing and classification as Mr Mars is completely at home in the realm of the mind. During retrograde, mental faculties may be clouded or confused. So it might not be the best time to make an important decision. If you can avoid knives, scissors or other cutting instruments including laser and acupuncture during Mars Rx, that would be best.

Great Time for Review

If you do feel anger ‘volcanoing’ up, try to deal with it in an appropriate and healthy way. Write down your feelings in a journal, scream at some pillows or do some breath work, breathing into the anger to see where it is really coming from. There’s an original point of creation which has led to this anger, so try to get back that far in your mind so you get the insight as to why you’re really angry. It’s likely the current situation is just a trigger and not the real cause.

Mars Retrograde is a great time to review your life and check your general direction. Are you going where you really what to go? Are you doing what you want? Are you with who you want to be with?

Review your life and when Mars turns direct you’ll be in a better place to make changes.

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