Jupiter Sextiles Pluto 2022

Jupiter Sextiles Pluto

Expansion and Rebirth

Jupiter sextiles Pluto on May 3 and brings about major transFORMation. There could be a sense of expansion through rebirth. Something has died and is now substantially transFORMed so that it comes back to life in a bigger and better way. Life, death, and rebirth are part of the natural cycle, so don’t be surprised if old relationships are rekindled in some way, or perhaps an old job comes back.

Jupiter loves to increase the horizons of your life, whether they be financial, vocational, or relational. The transFORMation is likely to occur relatively easily and smoothly. It’s like you’re finally in the right place at the right time!

Good Karma

Old karmic debts can be paid off now, and you might find positive circumstances come about because, at some point in this life or others, you helped someone out! Someone with power or influence can help you, or you may help someone because you have more than they do. Either way, advancement is assured, and you could get a new job or find yourself ‘promoted’ in some way. You could get a coach or a mentor, or you may play this role for someone else.

Broaden Your Life

You may travel, explore and become more adventurous. It’s likely you’ve already been through a ‘death’ of some kind, and now you’re being reborn with a new mind. You can take a few calculated risks now and not be dogged by unreasonable fears or anxieties. If you do have anxiety, you’re likely to make inroads towards healing and reformation so you can broaden your life.

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