Jupiter Retrograde 2020

Jupiter Retrograde

In a Capricornian sky, Jupiter will be retrograding the Earthy sign of Capricorn making things real and physical. People reap what they have sown this year. This retrograde will often result in delays as far as expansion and growth are concerned, especially in work and finances. It’s time this year to do a budget and to be careful of how you spend your $$$.

An Opportunity to Take Control

Jupiter is normally a benevolent planet however when retrograding is on, expansion and growth go into reverse gear in some areas of life. But again if you have a habit that has gotten out of control, this retrograde might give you the chance to finally take control and overcome addictions, negative habits and behaviours that no longer serve your highest good.

Also on the positive side, there’s a chance that – some may lose weight! However a general feeling of contraction or restriction could also be experienced and the pursuit of ambition and opportunity could be hindered. Another positive however is the possibility of elimination of hindrances that once stood in the way of success.

Review, Reflect, Reassess

As you can see Jupiter retrograde is a bit of a mixed bag of influences, some positive and others less so. All planetary retrogrades give us the opportunity to review, reflect and reassess different areas of our lives.

Those Most Affected by Jupiter Retrograde

• Large animals including agricultural animals such as cattle.
• People who speculate such as stock traders and gamblers.
• Those involved in organised religions including members of the clergy and their congregations.
• People involved in the travel industries.

Zodiac signs most impacted are Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces.

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