Jupiter conjuncts Saturn 2020

Jupiter Conjuncts Saturn

The Grand Conjunction

Every 20 years there’s a ‘Grand Conjunction’ when Jupiter full of boundless energy and zeal, races up to serious Saturn. During this time, they are ignoring each other until Jupiter finally catches Saturn on December 21, 2020 when they are in alignment to the Sun. Then they finally become friends, going hand in hand into Aquarius to begin the New Year.

A Powerful Force

The Grand Conjunction is a powerful force in the heavens that has been connected to the rise and fall of world leaders, royalty and celebrities. It’s enough to change governments! World leaders have even died in office in years of previous Grand Conjunctions. What does this mean for us mere mortals?

Luck, Growth and Opportunity

Jupiter conjunct Saturn will affect us all in some way or another as it is a period of luck, growth and opportunity. But these will not necessarily come easily, for Saturn often delays, obstructs or hinders in some way. If we continue to strive and move forward, we can overcome challenges. Think of trekking up a mountain, it’s not easy but when we get to the top, the view is certainly worth it! The challenges have strengthened us if we have been prudent and not given up. We have a new found sense of freedom and expansion whilst becoming fitter, stronger and more self aware than before.

Make Sensible Changes

If you feel overwhelmed by restrictions, obstacles and challenges, go slow and make sensible changes. 2020 is not a time for impulsiveness or striking out blindly. Control your frustration and know that your time will eventually come. Karma is likely to take a role here and free you at the precise moment you need to be freed. You could change career, go overseas, take on higher study on the upside. On the downside, be careful with run-ins with the law, authority and parental figures, now is not the time for fairy tale thinking. Life might feel like a long hard slog for a time but then it all changes and you have a new job, new relationship or home. Something significant changes this year.

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