Jupiter conjuncts Neptune 2022

Jupiter Conjuncts Neptune

Spiritual and Emotional Breakthroughs

Jupiter conjuncts Neptune on April 12, 2022 and ushers in a very spiritual and idealistic time. It’s a time of spiritual and emotional breakthroughs – a time of transFORMation which can even break through to the physical plane. Those with psychic ability are likely to discern an increase in their ability to commune with the other side of life.

Optimism and positivity is likely to increase. It’s also a great time to help others who are less fortunate. We can also expect an increase in charitable activities and conspiracy theories!

Do Your Homework

If you’re in business or dealing with finances, be extra careful that you have both feet on the ground and don’t get ‘carried off with the fairies’. Have reasonable expectations and do your homework, especially regarding investments, misinformation, and disinformation. Nevertheless, there’s growth and opportunity now, so make the most of it.

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