Virgo Personality Traits – Organised & Natural

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Virgo Personality Traits - The Virgin ( 23rd August – 22nd September )

Virgoans are known for their fastidious personalities, always trying to get it right! Sometimes they are perfectionistic to their own detriment. Reserved and cautious rather than extroverted, a true Virgo has a good heart that is kept under wraps, although a certain charm sometimes escapes to surprise others. Known as ‘The Virgin’, this is a reference to the original pagan meaning of Virgin – ‘One in herself’.

This refers to the Vestal Virgins who tended the Temple of the Goddess Vesta where they were not reliant upon individual men. Vestal Virgins relied on themselves for their own upkeep; they were independent and managed their own finances. Virgos need to keep their independence and make full use of their minds.

Conservative, precise and practical, Virgoans also can be shrewd, intelligent and excel in resolving problems that others leave alone. Those born under the starsign of Virgo have analytical minds that need to be kept busy, otherwise gossipy and manipulative thoughts may arise. Virgos excel in detail-oriented work involving concepts, numbers and intellectual frameworks.

Key Energies of Virgo

Modest, meticulous, exacting, practical, intelligent, detailed thinkers, self-concealment, overcritical, perfectionist, a worrier.

Virgo Starsign Compatibility

Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpios make great partners for Virgoans.

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