image of a purple astrology wheel on galactic background

The Sun… the source of all life and our closest star. He bathes us daily in his rays of hope and love. He supplies us with the basic building blocks of life. Life on this planet would not exist without him. It’s no wonder the ancient Egyptians worshipped the Sun through the ancient Star God Ra.

When you were incarnating to this planet, you came as a Spirit through the cosmos, passing various celestial bodies and then you travelled through the solar system passing by the planets. Some planets you came closer to than others. Every celestial body and planet you passed by, imprinted your Spirit with different fundamental forces of those cosmic beings, for every planet and celestial body is in fact a being with its energy and its own intelligence. Yes, I know that might seem hard to believe. Just allow your mind to be open and if you’re meant to understand, you will.

When you finally arrived on planet Earth our Mother, the Sun was at a particular position in the sky. Imagine seeing from Earth, the sky being divided up into twelve equal parts or zodiac signs (the ‘Tropical System’) each containing different constellations of stars. When you were born the Sun was in one of the twelve zodiac or star signs at the time you chose to be born. The energies of this particular zodiac or star sign were then imprinted into your physical brain and personality to interact with the imprints your Spirit received when you were incarnating to this planet. Yes, strange but true. The particular zodiac sign the Sun was in when you were born is your Star sign. The words ‘zodiac signs’ and ‘star signs’ can be used interchangeably.

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