Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2020

Solar and Lunar Eclipses for 2020

Eclipses Represent Change

All eclipses represent change and transformation and 2020 has 6 eclipses that occur roughly every 4.5 years. Solar Eclipses represent male aspects whilst lunar eclipses represent the feminine aspects.

Eclipses force us to confront our own shadow nature or the dark side of our personal subconscious. They are also a sign from the Universe that change will soon visit us on the Earth plane and it can be unpredictable and unexpected change. Change doesn’t always occur on the exact date of the eclipse, sometimes it is weeks or many months before or after the eclipse that something truly transformative happens, which is usually a big or life changing event.

Solar Eclipses = Action, Lunar Eclipses = Experiences

The power of solar eclipses normally lasts longer than lunar eclipses but that doesn’t mean that lunar eclipses are less potent. In fact, they may be more potent in the short term. An eclipse can be connected to the original source of events, but sometimes it takes the power of another planet passing over the same spot for the effect to be fully realised or comprehended.

With all eclipses, the solar is more about action whilst the lunar is more about integration of experience.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2020

Full Wolf Moon Eclipse January 2020

Full Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse - 10th January 2020 17:11 AEDST

19° Cancer 54′

Water – Emotionally this is a tough time, especially for those in the USA who can see the Full Wolf Moon. As the Moon is opposite Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres, there is a lot of conflict around communications, legalities, government, structure and femininity as the asteroid Ceres represents the Earth Mother. We can expect greater conflict around the environment and perhaps she strikes back with earthquakes or other natural disasters. Ceres also represents nurturance and motherhood so issues may also fiercely arise here.

Visible from far North America only.

Full Strawberry or Honey Moon Lunar Eclipse 5th June 2020

Full Strawberry or Honey Moon Lunar Eclipse - 5th June 2020 19:26 AEDST

15° Sagittarius 42′

Fire – Tendency for arguments as the Moon is opposite Venus retrograde which doesn’t auger well for relationships especially with your mother or other women. The Moon is also squaring Mars so conflict and rash actions may be on the cards. Try to stay calm and take a deep breath.

Visible only from the western Pacific Ocean and parts of Australasia, Asia, Antarctica, Europe, Africa, and South America.

Partial Solar Eclipse 21st June 2020

Partial Solar Eclipse - 21st June 2020 06:41 AEDST

00° Cancer 21′

Water – the Moon rules Cancer so this is likely to be a very emotional time. Self expression of feelings is likely to be important. Inner reflection and contemplation may be the order of the day and spirituality may become more important. Feelings of nostalgia and unexpected things from the past may come back for release and healing. Something significant but unexpected could happen.

The annular solar eclipse is visible from parts of Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, Micronesia and the very top of Northern Australia.

Full Buck or Thunder Moon Lunar Eclipse 5th July 2020

Full Buck or Thunder Moon Lunar Eclipse - 5th July 2020 04:31 AEDST

13° Capricorn 30′

Earth – Challenges to structure and organisation are likely. There is change in the air and it’s best to go with the flow rather than try to maintain the status quo. It could be uncomfortable initially but as time goes by, the changes will start to ‘bed in’ and feelings of security will emerge again. You’ve got this!

Visible from Australia, New Zealand, Northern USA, Canada, North Eastern Africa, UK, Europe and Asia.

Full Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse 30th November 2020

Full Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse - 30th November 2020 09:44 AEDST

08° Gemini 45′

Air – Changes in thinking are likely. Initially, it could feel confusing or chaotic as new thoughts race through your brain. Old concepts need to go but trying to sort fact from fiction could take a little bit of time. Deep down in your mind, there are some real golden nuggets so write everything down because some of these ideas could pay handsome dividends.

Visible from Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Antarctica.

Full Cold or Long Nights New Moon Solar Eclipse 14th December 2020

Full Cold or Long Nights New Moon Solar Eclipse - 14th December 2020 16:14 AEDST

23° Sagittarius 06′

Fire – Transformation is bound to happen with regard to freedom, expansion and broadening your horizons generally. You may consider travel or big plans. In some way, life will change for the better as you become wiser from personal direct experience. Physical changes pave the way for deep inner healing and release.

This eclipse is visible only from the southern Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos Islands, and parts of South America, Antarctica, and South Africa.

2020 Gifts Us Six Eclipses!

Two Water, two Fire, one Air and one Earth sign, so a mixture of all elements in 2020. An eclipse magnifies energy, it’s like a Supermoon on caffeine. It forces us to wake up, go down a path and take action at some point. An eclipse shakes us turbulently to the core in order to effect change.

Earthquakes and detrimental weather sometimes occur around eclipses. Cancerians will feel the January 10 and June 5 lunar eclipses very intensely as they are ruled by the Moon whereas Sagittarians will feel the solar eclipse December 14 intensely because they are ruled by the Sun. If your birthday occurs on an eclipse or if an eclipse occurs in your sign, you are also likely to feel it more potently. You should also check your rising sign (aka ascendant) and your Moon sign with regards to eclipses.

Earth Sign Eclipses

Earth sign eclipses such as the eclipse July 5 are likely to involve physical actions and structure. Capricorn embodies these qualities at a physical level. Great care is needed as we often think we know when in fact we can’t see the full picture, this applies especially at work. Logic and analytical thinking may be compromised and confused when Capricorn would just rather get on and get the job done. There could be a shake up with procedures and structures.

Fire Sign Eclipses

If an eclipse is in a fire sign like Sagittarius on June 5 and December 14, there’s likely to be passion and fiery emotions such as frustration, aggression, generosity and big heartedness. Sagittarius is also normally about adventure and excitement. There’s a desire to broaden personal life experience and if that can’t be met, that’s when the fireworks starts!

Water Sign Eclipses

Water sign eclipses such as the eclipses on January 10 and June 21 both in Cancer, are more likely to be about the rise and expression of repressed emotions and subconscious contents. The June 21 as a solar eclipse, may have some action as well. This can make a mess of home and family life if one is not careful about the actions they take. Father, Mother, children, siblings could all be involved in family arguments at this time, but it’s more likely the Mother will be involved. Partners could be playing the role of father or mother and both could be similarly affected. Keep a button on your mouth and remember “lose lips sink ships”. Females are likely to be strongly affected.

Air Sign Eclipses

There is one Air sign eclipse in 2020 November 30 in Gemini. An Air sign eclipse would cause issues in the mental realm affecting memory, cognition and judgement. There could be confusion or general mental chaos, so important decisions could be delayed if possible.

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