Pisces Personality Traits – Compassionate & Intuitive

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Pisces Personality Traits - The Fish ( 19th February – 20th March )

Creative and sometimes psychic, they are receptive to new ideas and situations. They can be very kind and empathetic but may find it difficult to form appropriate boundaries where other people are concerned. As a fish swims in water, those born under the starsign of Pisces swim in emotion. Sometimes they will find themselves in deep water or even hot water! Not very comfortable for Piscean fishes. Being so emotional, it is best for Pisceans to avoid drugs, alcohol and toxic relationships.

Key Energies of Pisces

Soft, gentle, yielding, artistic, intuitive, emotional, reactive, escapist, secretive, vague – these are all characteristic of the starsign of Pisces.

Pisces Starsign Compatibility

Those born under Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn starsigns, generally make good partners for Pisceans.

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