Pisces Horoscope Career and Finances 2018

Pisces Horoscope Career and Finances 2018 ( February 19th – March 20th )

Mid-February until mid-March is likely to bring some difficulties unfortunately passionate Pisces. You have Mars squaring Neptune which could mean you feeling irritable and feisty about something you think is correct but you’re not seeing the full picture clearly. Mars is about motivation, ambition, war and getting your own way when it is in hard aspect. Then you have the very spiritual and illusory planet Neptune pushing back and you’re likely to be feeling very confused and unsure about what to do, so this definitely is not the time to lash out blindly at work or home. This is a time for patience and to remain calm. Get our horoscope forecast report if you want to know more.

Mother Jupiter planet of abundance and security, trines spiritual Neptune end of May, consequently you’re likely to be feeling optimistic and spiritual generally. You can be feeling inspired and lucky as Mother Jupiter bestows her blessings upon you in all areas of your life, not only career.

You will feel motivated and pushed to succeed at work and play

Mid November sees motivator Mr Mars in Pisces in your 9th house pushing you to succeed at work and play. You could be feeling competitive and more aggressive about getting things done. As a result, your finances are likely to improve as you achieve a lot of work now. You might also be putting a great deal of effort into study and/or travelling. You could be very lucky at this time. Mr Mars is jumping back and forth all over the show from Capricorn (a practical and down to earth energy) to Aquarius (the mind and higher thought) back to Capricorn again.

Your 2018 Pisces Horoscope indicates mid-November your ancient ruler Jupiter enters Sagittarius in your 10th house of work, achievements and public status. This is a fantastic time to get ahead on the job. You are likely to bask in warm appreciation from your co-workers/bosses as you shine getting things done and achieving your goals. You are full of good ideas and fiery passion about what you’re doing and the changes you are making. You are likely to be feeling optimistic and confident to the end of the year.

Your career and financial summary for 2018

In summary passionate Pisces, although you might have a confusing start to the year with Mars squaring Neptune, you soon find your feet and start getting things done. Be careful not to overspend especially in March when you’re not thinking too clearly. Stay calm and as the year progresses so do your achievements and the opportunities that flow. You finish up the year on a great note with Mother Jupiter supporting and encouraging you to reach the heights of success.

Wishing you much success in your career and finances as you meet and exceed your own expectations passionate Pisces.

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Astrological influences are just that – influences. They do not control you as you are a sentient being with free will and the architect of your own life. As you evolve and gain more awareness, you can choose more wisely how you live your life. This horoscope is not ‘set in stone’ and is a general outline only of some of the influences you will be feeling in 2018 so it should not be taken as ‘gospel’. Listen to your own Soul and do what you think is right so you can progress in life.

If at any point you’re not sure what to do, you feel confused or you just want to talk, call one of our talented psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets if you wish to know more.

Wishing you all the best you wish for yourself in 2018 and may your true heart’s desires come true! Rose x