Pisces Horoscope 2022

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Pisces Yearly Horoscope 2022 ( February 19th – March 20th )

Welcome to your 2022 Pisces horoscope passionate Pisceans! You are a Pisces if you were born February 19 February to March 20. Ruled by the planet Neptune, some say that in ancient times you were ruled by Jupiter. Passionate Pisces, you are very creative and sometimes psychic.

You wear your heart on your sleeve – everyone around you knows how you really feel. Having boundaries can be difficult for you as you sometimes don’t know where you stop and the other person starts. Pisces is symbolised by the fish and as a fish swims in water, you swim in emotion. Sometimes you can be all out at sea or even in hot water!

Pisces, you’re ambitious and want to push ahead with your career, but unbidden emotions rise up, trying to steer you off or on course. After May you may consider study, travel, or spirituality to broaden your mind, particularly after October 2022. You will be growing your life and your $$$ too as you realise what held you back financially.

Astrological Influences

Read more about Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2022 and Mercury Retrograde 2022. All the pieces will fall into place when you have a greater understanding of the astrological influences around us.

We are also in a 2022 Numerology Number 6 Year. Numerology can explain the ‘background noise’ to your personal year in more detail.

Astrological influences are just that – influences. They do not control you as you are a sentient being with free will and the architect of your own life. As you evolve and gain more awareness, you can choose more wisely how you live your life. This horoscope is not ‘set in stone’ and is a general outline only of some of the influences you will be feeling in 2022 so it should not be taken as ‘gospel’. Listen to your own Soul and do what you think is right so you can progress in life.

If at any point you’re not sure what to do, you feel confused or you just want to talk, call one of our talented psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets if you wish to know more. Or you can get a personalised astrology report.

Wishing you all the best you wish for yourself in 2022, and may your true heart’s desires come true! Rose x