Pisces Horoscope 2018

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Pisces Horoscope 2018 ( February 19th – March 20th )

Welcome to your 2018 Pisces horoscope Passionate Pisceans! You are a Pisces if you were born 19th February to March 20 and you are ruled by the planet Neptune, although some say that in ancient times you were ruled by Jupiter. Pisces is symbolised by a fish. You passionate Pisces are very creative and sometimes psychic. You wear your heart on your sleeve – everyone around you knows how you really feel. Having boundaries can be difficult for you as you sometimes don’t know where you stop and the other person starts. Pisces is symbolised by the fish and as a fish swims in water, you swim in emotion. Sometimes you can be all out at sea or even in hot water!

Check out your Pisces character traits here. Scroll down to watch our video for the 2018 Pisces horoscope.

Passionate Pisceans you start the year wondering about what goes on down deep within. Keep searching and you’ll find answers. Your 2018 Pisces Horoscope suggests that this year you might travel overseas to find out who you are and why you’re here. If you don’t do this, you’ll journey within for sure.

Also, there are opportunities for study or retraining because you want to learn but learning about yourself is the most important thing. This happens when Jupiter transits your 9th house in March. Your desire to learn is strongest March to 11th July then Mother Jupiter goes retrograde taking off some of the shine as you work hard. Study gets a bit easier after that and 9th November sees Mother Jupiter entering Sagittarius in your 10th house of achievements, success, public image and travel. If you don’t study, you may travel or you may even study and travel! You finish up the year feeling very accomplished and successful in your endeavours. Well done feisty fish!

You will find you become more spiritual this year

Passionate Pisces, it’s likely that this year you’ll become more spiritual and perhaps even access some of your spiritual gifts, including the ability to be psychic. You will feel initially there’s something bigger than yourself… something out there… and then find it was inside you all the time. You might want to share this message with others in due course. Remember to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. If you’re interested in learning about spirituality and how you can access your spiritual gifts, we have a spiritual development course just for that on our website.

In order to share the message inside you, a period of solitude will probably be required. In fact that’s already started when last December, serious Saturn transited your 11th house of friends, networks and groups. Serious Saturn will stay here until December 2020 teaching you that you don’t have to be friends with everyone that crosses your path and sometimes friendships need to have quiet times. Saturn will help you develop appropriate boundaries so you can say ‘no’ to people you need to say ‘no’ to. December 2017 until December 2020 will be all about going within, not expanding your external circle of friends. You only want quality people in your life who understand and support you while you are doing your spiritual thing.

Your 2018 Pisces horoscope shows that serious Saturn stays put in your 11th house all year. You’ll be feeling really serious about your goals and your ideals. You may be feeling under confident initially as you have a double dose of caution. But keep going with your ideas because you’ll be feeling more secure after mid-January. You’ll be working your way towards success step by step – again crawl before walking, walk before running. Bringing it all down to earth and making your goals physical and real.

Your ruling planet

Ancient ruler of your sign Mother Jupiter, the planet of abundance visits your 10th house most of 2018. You are likely to advance in your career, perhaps even receiving special recognition for your hard work and achievements. You could increase your status by getting a promotion with more money. Get your Advanced Forecast Report if you want to know more here. You could be feeling pretty good and rightfully so!

2018 could bring changes to your daily routine, particularly your diet. During the eclipses of 31st January, 15th February, 27th July and 11th August in your 6th house of health you will be focused on your wellbeing and perhaps consider meditation, exercise and diet changes. You will appreciate that your overall wellbeing is closely tied to your inner world.

The sun is in your sign late February making you shine. The glistening colours of your emotions are shining through the waters of your subconscious for the world to see the real you underneath. It’s all about being truly authentic. Spend time near or in large bodies of water which will help you get the most out of your quiet time. Go for a cruise, go sailing, snorkelling and swimming.

A boost of inspiration and motivation from mid-May

Motivator Mars transits your 9th house of travel, study, success and awards in Aquarius from mid-May giving you another boost of inspiration and motivation to do well. This could help if you’re feeling a bit flat from studying. Mr Mars turns backwards (retrograde) 27th June to mid August in your 11th house of groups, networking, rebellion and humanitarian causes. You might start to get a bit irritable and want to rebel against restrictions in your life at this time. Your friendships might suffer as you’re too busy/tired/unmotivated to go out with friends. If you are studying, you might be tempted to give it up. Please don’t do that, as the energy will shortly change and you’ll be able to get on with it from end of August when Mars goes direct in Aquarius when you’ll be full of new ideas.

Mid May to 6th November tumultuous Uranus will be visiting your 3rd house of siblings, short trips and communications. You could hear sudden and unexpected news about your siblings or you might have issues with electronic communications. Uranus rules electricity, the internet and technology and these could somehow cause problems for your siblings, your local neighbourhood and/or communications. Maybe your local neighbourhood has an internet problem in which case get together as a group and have a community meeting. This is how you will achieve resolution of such problems. Besides, you never know who you might meet.

Stay grounded with Mother Earth

Mid June sees Neptune the planet of illusion and spirituality turning retrograde until mid-November. Try and stay grounded during this time… go for plenty of walks, get a dog (they have 4 feet on the ground) as you need grounding, do yoga, gardening anything where you can stay connected with Mother Earth. The danger here passionate Pisces is that you float off into la-la land (which is fine if you want to visit Los Angeles but doesn’t really work for you otherwise :). You might be tempted to put store into any idea that takes your fancy. Give up the water activities now and get grounded.

26th June until 27th August sees Mars going retrograde (backwards) in your chart. Here your motivation and ambition might head south for the winter when you could be irritable, face obstacles or delays and generally be having a bit of a hard time. You might have to change direction, tweak your methodology, transform yourself and re-evaluate your plans. You could just be feeling flat and generally unmotivated. That’s ok, take a break.

Late August there’s a powerful full moon in your sign that really piques your psychic ability. Why not do a moon ritual to develop your spiritual gifts? This would be a great time to give thanks and ask the Universe for further self development. See moon rituals here.

Planet Venus who is associated with finance, beauty and love enters its own sign Libra 7th August in your 8th house of sex, other people’s money, death and inheritance. Money is coming to you possibly from a number of ways your 2018 Pisces Horoscope suggests. You may win big or possibly inherit. Alternatively things are hot in the romance department! Get your Advanced Astrology Forecast Report if you want to know more here.

During 2018 Mercury will go retrograde 3 times:

  1. 22nd March to 15th April
  2. 26th July until 19th August
  3. 16th November until 6th December

Communications might turn into miscommunications. Mercury retrograde affects all star signs to some degree and we should all be extra careful with contracts, business and communications generally.

When Mercury moves forward again or goes direct, communications return to their normal flow and misunderstandings are not as prevalent. For 5-7 days on either side of the dates Mercury is still present but not as strongly. This time is known as the ‘shadow period’. When Mercury is retrograde things get mixed up and confused so it’s not a good time to proceed with anything important as you may have to go back and redo things when Mercury goes direct.

Horoscope Summary for 2018

In summary, you’re going to get a lot of growth and achievement out of this year passionate Pisces. Keep going with your ideas when you have short periods of feeling flat. You could be studying or retraining this year or perhaps even going on an overseas jaunt. Well done Passionate Pisces. You are covering ground and getting things done!

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Astrological influences are just that – influences. They do not control you as you are a sentient being with free will and the architect of your own life. As you evolve and gain more awareness, you can choose more wisely how you live your life. This horoscope is not ‘set in stone’ and is a general outline only of some of the influences you will be feeling in 2018 so it should not be taken as ‘gospel’. Listen to your own Soul and do what you think is right so you can progress in life.

If at any point you’re not sure what to do, you feel confused or you just want to talk, call one of our talented psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets if you wish to know more.

Wishing you all the best you wish for yourself in 2018 and may your true heart’s desires come true! Rose x