Numerology Master Number 11 Meaning

What Master Number 11 Means in Numerology

Summary Number 11

1. The Master Number 11 has great spiritual insights and abilities.
2. Very sensitive with a heightened level of consciousness.
3. Creative, imaginative and highly intuitive.
4. Natural perception ability, understands hidden meanings and underlying truths.
5. 11 carries unique challenges and blessings.
6. Powerful and intense.
7. Possesses a strong life purpose which drives them forward.

The 11 personality is highly empathetic, with the ability to sense and feel the emotions of others and is often drawn to spiritual and metaphysical pursuits. Number 11s are associated with dreams, visions and spiritual illumination. Double digit 11 in numerology, is the most intuitive of all numbers and these people have a special mission in life. Often, they are quite charismatic which helps them achieve their life’s purpose.

Usually helping others and in some type of leadership role, they are known to be highly sensitive and easily hurt. These people seek spiritual enlightenment and the higher vibrational realms of the spiritual world. However, with this great spiritual power comes a great responsibility to use it for the greater good. Abuse of these gifts can lead to greater challenges and hardships.

A person showing comfort by hugging a friend is a common characteristic of those born as a Master Number 11 in Numerology.

Those who are born under this number are believed to have heightened psychic abilities and a deep connection to spiritual realms. However, this sensitivity can also lead to self-doubt and anxiety. Those who understand the significance of this number are strong individuals who are able to harness its transformative power to achieve their goals and fulfill their life’s purpose.

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The number 11 in numerology also brings a tremendous drive for innovation and creativity. Those born under 11 tend to have the ability to manifest dreams into reality. Sometimes, a certain level of sacrifice is required in order to do this however. Also, 11’s are highly spiritual and intuitive which can sometimes slow down or hinder any practical considerations.

Understanding the two digits that make up Master Number 11

11 looks like the number 1 – only twice. It is composed of two identical numbers however it has a unique and powerful energy. The number 1 signifies new beginnings, independence and leadership. Master Number 11’s transform these qualities, when it reduces down to the number 2. This relates to the significant other – the partner – the person outside of them. The individual must transform to welcome in and embrace the energy of the other. The self transforms and sacrifices some independence and freedom to start a significant relationship with another. Compromise is necessary and 1’s aren’t used to that.

The Difficult Challenges of Number 11 Numerology

Being so intensely sensitive, numerology 11 may feel easily drained, especially around other people. There are real risks of burnout or exhaustion. Sometimes, they will help others even to their own detriment. When they feel tired, failure to rest can be a real red flag and lead to other issues, particularly health related problems and stress.

They can also lack self confidence and experience all manner of doubt and anxiety, especially around their psychic abilities. Some 11 people don’t believe they are ‘good enough’ to deserve better in life. In order to alleviate their anxieties and doubts, they may take up bad habits such as smoking or drinking to excess. It can also be challenging to accept the gift of intuition and then have to deal with family and friends.

Furthermore, 11 symbolizes psychic ability so there can be real difficulty in integrating this into life, especially when it becomes stronger with maturity. There’s a great deal of power and meaning in all sorts of things as far as the 11 number is concerned. This can be challenging to handle. Sometimes those born under this number tend to suffer physical symptoms or ill health as they tend to take on the energies of others, similar to Empaths. Nonetheless, they can be inspirational healers who motivate others with their sheer amount of personal power and energy.

Law of Attraction globe shows how Number 11s compatibility with others

Compatibility With Other Numbers

Firstly, they get along well with other 11s (reduces down to 2), 22 (reduces down to 4) and 33 (reduces down to 6). They are most compatible with Life Path 2 but also get along well with 4s and 6s.

Other Life Path Numbers

1s – this can be challenging as Master Number 11s are called to share with a significant other and 1’s are more about independence and being their own reference point. 1s can be all about the self so in a relationship they can drift part as they focus on their own needs.

2s – this relationship has a whole lotta talk going on. These two could talk the legs of a chair together. They can also rely on each other to supply what the other needs. This is usually quite a harmonious relationship and can be long lasting if both partners sincerely show care to the other.

3’s – offer a good friendly relationship, although they may sometimes be more interested in fun and excitement rather than commitment. While they might be quite physically attracted to one another, this can fizzle out over time.

4’s – aren’t the best matches. 4’s are interested in security, they’re quite work focused and like stability. Whereas the meaning of 11 is all about going with the flow, focusing on the spiritual realms with interest in their dreams, meditations, and psychic phenomena. These two have different life purposes and want different things.

5’s – are not usually a perfect match. Sensitive 11 can be easily upset by 5’s priorities in life. 5’s are generally quite practical and grounded. Although there may be an initial spark, these two can end up going in different directions.

6’s – this combo generally works well. 6s can provide a caring and loving relationship which the sensitive 11 craves and appreciates. 6s get along with most numbers as they are very harmonious with others.

7’s – long term happiness can be found with this pairing. 7s need to be careful not to over sacrifice in relationships whilst 11 needs to watch being oversensitive. An unusual and exciting balance which suits both is however possible.

8’s – each picks up the other’s weaknesses and can strengthen their partner. The possibility of a wonderfully long last relationship with mutual benefits for both partners is on the cards. Love is in the air with this sensitive pairing.

9’s – these partners can make or break each other. Unfinished business is likely to come up which could be intensely deep and compelling. Fiery arguments and disagreements are possible. The possibility of a volatile and passionate pairing.

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