2017 a One Year in Numerology

image of numbers flowing from a hand representing numerology number 1 year

Welcome to a brand new year of change and transformation. 2017 is a Universal 1 (one)  year which means there is a collective background energy for new beginnings, independence and personal authority. This energy is in addition to your own personal numerological energies. Spirit is calling humanity to step up to a higher level of personal responsibility and to really connect to our personal sovereignty.

Personal sovereignty is the right of every person to be who they really are. Sounds simple right? It can take a lifetime for some people to deprogram themselves and find the core of their being…their Soul. You are already ahead of most because you are reading this and more open to the suggestions of Spirit. You are more open to finding the truth of who you are and numerology can assist you along your journey.

Think of the Universal 1 year as an encouragement towards personal reflection and a catalyst to go within. Finding the fullness of yourself gives you more energy to be self-sufficient and get things right within yourself. Next year in 2018, you will be in a better position to share and develop relationships as it is a 2 year. However, you need to accomplish the goals of the 1 year which are primarily to experience yourself fully. Later with your individual foundations in place as a frame of reference, you can then branch out experiencing others and helping them more effectively. Another way to understand this concept is best alluded to by comparing your life journey to an aircraft flight. When the pilot or stewards brief passengers with safety information, passengers are always told to put their oxygen masks on first in the event of an emergency and then later to attend to others. This is the energy of a 1 year. Primarily the self is first so that later the self can attend to others, which is accomplished more effectively in a 2 year.

We are starting a new 9 year cycle and 2017 is the groundwork or template for the remaining 8 years until a new cycle begins. We are all being called to step up to a higher vibration and anything we don’t accomplish here will revisit us down the track of our lives.

2017 is a 1 (one) year because 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 and then 1 + 0 = 1. Let’s get more pieces to the puzzle of our life’s journey by looking at the individual elements of 2017.

Number 2

The number 2 relates to relationships and others. So while 2017 is a one year where we focus on getting right with ourselves, we still need to consider logical consequences to our actions where other people are concerned. We need to consider the feelings of others as we will still have relationships to manage in a 1 year.

We are currently experiencing the 2nd millennium through the magic of relationships. Good or bad, great or sad relationships give us the fuel we need to grow and evolve as humans. Relationships evolve humanity as we release pent up energies blocked for millennia in our emotional and spiritual bodies. No man or woman is an island and we need to connect with others in some way. In a 1 year we will rely more on our own intuition and learn to trust ourselves more. We could also be thinking about further study or retraining to change or update our careers.

Number 0

The number 0 relates to potential of what might be. We plant a seed, water and it grows. If we do too much or too little it might die. The hundred year group we are presently experiencing is in a period of potentiality. We can choose which way humanity goes. This is a time of the energy of potential. We can go either way – positive or negative…the choice is ours as a species.

In the tarot, the Hanged Man card is reminiscent of 0, we are hanging around waiting for a period of time for something to happen. We have planted the seed of our lives by incarnating to this planet, now we must wait between worlds while we grow in utero and are reborn to the Earth.

Likewise, we are caught waiting between the end of the cycle of 9 which was 2016 and the new beginning of the cycle of 1 which is 2017. All we can do is be patient until the energy comes upon us to move forward and it will come as this is natural law at work. Life is a series of cycles and we can work out where we are in those cycles.

Number 1

This decade of 1 numbers from 2010 to 2019 places an emphasis on the individual and on self empowerment and authority. As we are going into a 1 year, the intensity of 2 x 1’s doubles the importance of getting right with ourselves. The independent energies of the 1 vibration are in fact amplified, so this year it is very important that we develop self reliance and resilience. It is also vitally important we come from the heart which is the primary vehicle for our Soul to speak to us.

Then, next year when we move into a Universal 2 vibration in 2018 with 2 x 2, we will be better placed to have fulfilling relationships. In the meantime, we will see not only people becoming more isolationist, but also entire countries too. Look at the USA and the isolationist policies that are being planned at the moment. European countries will also be closing their borders to refugees and there will be evidence worldwide of alliances being broken as countries wish to go it alone.

We can expect to see the rise of the far right wing in politics worldwide as countries retreat somewhat from international politics and concentrate on domestic policy. The following year in 2018 with 2 x 2 there will be a softening of the harder positions, taking into account the outside world and policies will become more balanced between ‘us and them’.

Number 7

This is a very spiritual year where we can learn a lot if we go with the flow and return to the original source of energy within. 7s can also be a very self-sacrificing number, so do watch for patterns in yourself where you self-sacrifice for the good of others. You might want to keep check because sometimes self-sacrifice can go too far and others then expect us to constantly self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice often occurs in that ‘vehicle of growth’ called relationships, where one party is constantly trying to keep the other person happy no matter what.

Number 7 years or those with 7 sometimes mean that people spend a lot of time pondering difficult situations unsure of what they are to do. If in doubt, do nothing until the energy comes upon you to do something. You will then have garnered wisdom and maturity as rewards for any difficult obstacles you may have encountered.

During a 7 year or a year with 7, meditation and self-reflection is extremely valuable and not doing these can result in high stress levels and a consequent loss in life force and eventually ill health. The insights you receive will set you on a new path for growth and self-fulfillment.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Year

2017 is certainly shaping up to be a year of personal and public transformation worldwide. There will be challenges and difficulties but during these times, go within to hear the small quiet voice of your own Soul. If you feel overwhelmed or confused, get a reading here at Absolute Soul Secrets and give us a call for some sage advice and likely outcomes to your issues. You can also check out when our psychics are available by visiting our Psychic Reading Times page.

There are a number of important numbers in numerology you should consider besides the collective energies of the Universal years. Check our Numerology pages to work out your personal numbers including life, ruling, year and day numbers. The Universal year numbers are a background to your own personal situation.