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Two in Numerology

Number Two in numerology people love to be in relationships and abhor loneliness. They sometimes compromise themselves by giving in to others, as they seek harmony and peace in their lives. They are good at mediation and are dependable, caring and loyal. They welcome companionship and the chance to share their lives with someone special, sometimes they will tend to fit in with others rather than looking at their own needs. One of the negatives associated with number two’s, is the inclination towards temper tantrums and childish behaviour if they feel threatened or cajoled in any way. Normally, they will compromise however to keep the peace.

They may find themselves to be closer to living the life of a child, rather than acting like an adult.  However this can be a positive attribute when dealing with children. They can make very good parents having close relationships with their children, if they can balance the proper responsibilities of parenthood with fun and laughter of playing with their children.

Sometimes they have psychic ability and are known to be intuitive. They need to establish firm boundaries and not intrude on the space of other people, either physically or psychically. Number Two’s need to establish themselves as individuals and become ‘less tribal’, relying on the group for all their support.

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