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Seven in Numerology

Number Seven people are known to be great thinkers, analytical and intellectual. They often spend a lot of time on their own and suffer self-doubts. They need to learn to have faith in themselves. They have a love of nature where they may spend large amounts of time pondering the problems of the world.

Without spiritual direction, numbers seven’s could become very cynical and could become escapists through drugs, alcohol, work or do a runner. They tend to keep to themselves and may seem distracted as they think about their issues and challenges. They are called to a spiritual path and if they choose not to take this, they will find difficulty in life. You will find them often in solitary occupations, the priesthood or out of doors e.g. park rangers.

If you are going into a seven year, this could be a difficult time. You may spend a lot of time along pondering difficult situations. You will however be blessed with amazing insights and learn a great deal about yourself during this time. This seemingly difficult time will end up standing you in good stead for the future. You will be more inclined not to repeat past mistakes, having grown as a result of going through all the ups and downs of a seven year. Seven years can lead you to a lot of wisdom and maturity!

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