Mercury Retrograde

image of a couple yelling at each other because they are miscommunicating

Mighty Mercury (communications) is a small planet closest to the Sun (consciousness) with a big impact several times a year. At various times from the Earth due to its elliptical orbit, Mercury appears to move backwards in the night sky. This is known as going retrograde. When Mercury goes retrograde misunderstandings and miscommunications can reign supreme.

If you have a work presentation, best put if off until another time if you can as often important seminars, presentations and business meetings can go skew-iff along with your credibility if you’re not very careful. In fact, save all important things to a time when Mercury is moving forwards again (known as going direct).

Not only do communications suffer, but equipment can also fail. Your emails go ta ta’s, your computer has the blue screen of death or your mobile goes pear-shaped. Often technology and Mercury retrograde are not an item… they just don’t gel together. If you’re doing something important, then double check your equipment beforehand to be absolutely sure you can do what you intend during Mercury retrograde.

If you do something important under Mercury retrograde, you may have to go back and redo it when Mercury turns direct. An example would be – you sign a contract for a new white car. Several weeks later you are advised there are no white cars in the country so now you have to choose another colour.

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2018

  • 22nd March to 15th April in fiery Aries – watch your temper and try to avoid arguments. There could be hostility and aggression. Impulsive behaviour can lead to mistruths, confusion, cleverness that isn’t quite clever enough because self-discipline is lacking. Try and stay calm and make sure brain is properly engaged before putting mouth in gear.
  • 26th July until 19th August in fiery Leo and watery Scorpio – starts with anger and ends in tears. Lower your expectations to avoid disappointment. Authority figures may misunderstand you. Romantic partners could get confused and the situation become heated and then disappointing.
  • 16th November in fiery Sagittarius until 6th December in watery Scorpio – misunderstandings and/or delays in education and study. Travel should be put off until Mercury goes direct. Increased likelihood of travel problems, getting lost or problems with foreigners. Some increased likelihood of cancellations – aircraft/ships/vehicles running late or not at all. Again there’s an inclination towards anger then tears.

You can see there’s a whole lotta fire and water going on during Mercury retrograde in 2018. Fire can lead to passion, impulsivity and irritability or aggression. Water can lead to free flowing emotions that can put out fire. Crying will help during these times. It’s ok to cry sometimes…I give you permission if that’s what you need to let it all out. Allow around 5 days on either sides of the dates above when Mercury is coming onto retrograde or going direct. This is known as the ‘shadow period’ when there is still some effect, but it’s not as intense as when Mercury is fully retrograde.

Mercury retrograde can cause miscommunications, misunderstandings, delays, travel problems, restrictions, malfunctions in equipment, problems with contracts and negotiations. With all these potential problems, it’s no wonder that relationships suffer. You have to ensure you are very clear with everyone during Mercury retrograde. It’s a good idea to write everything down and email the other party concerned to make sure you are both on the same page when Mercury is retrograde.

All the best and do try to find a silver lining when Mercury goes retrograde three or four times a year, there might just be something there that you can salvage if a situation goes belly up. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining… we just have to find it!

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