Mercury Retrograde 2020

Mighty Mercury is a small planet closest to the Sun and is named after the Roman messenger God Mercury, who had wings on his helmet who ruled luck, travel, divination, communications, commerce, trickery and financial increase.

Mercury Retrograde Occurs Several Times a Year

Several times every year, it appears from the Earth that Mercury is going backwards. This is due in part to its elliptical orbit, but Mercury moving backwards in the night sky is actually an optical illusion. When Mercury goes retrograde misunderstandings and miscommunications can reign supreme. Cognition is affected, so you may feel confused and fuzzy headed with your head in the clouds.
If you have a work presentation, best put if off until a more favourable time. Often important seminars, presentations and business meetings can go skew-iff, along with your credibility if you’re not very careful. In fact, save all important things until a time when Mercury is moving forwards again (known as going direct).

Communications Can Be Affected

Not only do communications suffer, but equipment can also fail. Your emails go ta ta’s, your computer has the blue screen of death or your mobile goes pear-shaped. Often technology and Mercury retrograde are not an item… they just don’t gel together. If you’re doing something important, then double check your equipment beforehand to be absolutely sure you can do what you intend during Mercury retrograde. Back up your hard drive!

If you do something important under Mercury retrograde, you may have to go back and redo it when Mercury turns direct. An example would be – you sign a contract for a new white car. Several weeks later you are advised there are no white cars in the country so now you have to choose another colour. Under Mercury Retrograde, we sometimes have to revisit things we thought we were finished with such as old relationships!

The past can come back and you may hear news of old friends, school reunions or an old lover returns to your life. If an ex comes back, just remember why they are an ex!

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

It’s not all doom and gloom under Mercury Retrograde, if you have something that was started pre retrograde, it is likely to complete during the retrograde with a good outcome. However, if you start something during the retrograde, you may have to go back later to revisit, retweak and renovate what you’ve already done. So, it is a good time to finish up old projects that have been hanging around for a while but not so good to start brand new jobs. Real estate that has been for sale for a while can complete while Mercury is retrograde but sales made under Mercury Retrograde may fall through or at least have lots of delays, twists and turns.

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2020

Our old friend in charge of communications, fast moving M/s Mercury goes retrograde three times in 2020. Zodiac signs most affected in 2020 are Gemini and Virgo (both are ruled by the planet Mercury), Pisces, Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio and Libra. There is also a ‘shadow period’ from several days to two weeks leading up to and coming off these dates:

  • February 18, 2020 (Pisces) – March 9, 2020 (Aquarius)

    Starts in watery emotional Pisces and finishes in detached Aquarius looking at the bigger picture using the mind. Emotions will likely come to the surface and analytical thinking may be fuzzy or confused. Steer clear of tasks requiring logic if possible as your subconscious will rule the day rather than your head.

  • June 17, 2020 (Cancer) – July 12, 2020 (Cancer)

    Spends the entire time in watery emotional Cancer. This retrograde miscommunications and misunderstandings occur as emotions run high. You might get the ‘wrong end of the stick’ and misinterpret a situation…this is common during Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, so do be a little careful or arguments may blow up.

  • October 13, 2020 (Scorpio) – November 3, 2020 (Libra)

    Secrets may be exposed unexpectedly so do remember “loose lips sink ships” so be careful of what you say. Scorpio is big on secrets but also a pretty sexy sign, so sex and relationships could feature during this time. Your ex might come back so be on the look out! Libra loves love so you two might get back together? The ball is in your court however do be aware of reoccurring patterns in relationships.

If you pay attention to how you are feeling and what is going on in your life, you can quite literally feel the energy when Mercury goes retrograde and when it turns direct restoring order to your life once again.

There’s a whole lotta air and water going on during Mercury retrograde in 2020. These two opposites are going to ding dong it out, eventually finishing off with the balance of Libra. Water is emotional, seeks freedom, wants to find its own way, and air relates to the mind and analytical thinking. It could be as if your heart tells you one thing and your head says the opposite! Crying will help during these times. It’s ok to cry sometimes… I give you permission if that’s what you need to let it all out.

Look After Relationships

Mercury retrograde can cause miscommunications, misunderstandings, delays, travel problems, restrictions, malfunctions in equipment, problems with contracts and negotiations. With all these potential problems, it’s no wonder that can relationships suffer. You have to ensure you are very clear with everyone during Mercury retrograde. It’s a good idea to write everything down and email the other party concerned to make sure you are both on the same page when Mercury is retrograde.

All the best and do try to find a silver lining when Mercury goes retrograde, there might just be something there that you can salvage if a situation goes belly up. Completing old projects should stand you in good stead. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining… we just have to find it!

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