Leo Personality Traits – Shine Like the Sun

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Leo Personality Traits - The Lion ( 23rd July – 22nd August )

Lions have large generous personalities that shine for all the world to see! Bighearted and magnanimous in nature, others recognise their star power. They are often expansive and creative and make excellent leaders, using their personal magnetism to achieve their goals. Everything about Leos is big! They excel in business and positions of authority and power.

The downside of course is, if they choose to misuse the natural authority and credibility they possess. Leo Lions love attention, so give them lots to keep them happy. They can be overtly sexual, leaving you in no uncertain terms as to what they really want.

Leos are dominant individuals who don’t know the meaning of the word ‘no’. Lions are the Kings of the jungle so they can be both beneficent and malevolent depending on the circumstances, so don’t get on the wrong side of a Leo Lion. Generally speaking however, they are humane and kind. Leos make great doting parents who love and nurture their children.

Key Energies of Leo

Broadminded and expansive, generous, ambitious, dominant, powerful, proud, self-serving, arrogant, bossy.

Leo Starsign Compatibility

Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra are generally good partners for those born under the Leo starsign.

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