Gemini Personality – Chatty, Intelligent & Fun!

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Gemini Personality Traits - The Twins ( 21st May - 20th June )

Lively and charming, Geminis can be the life of the party. Adaptable and versatile, those born under the Zodiac sign of Gemini, can usually fit into whatever situation they choose. They tend to socialise and love the good life of fun and excitement. However they are sometimes known for their duplicity, changing their minds quickly and then appearing contradictory.

Some people would call them ‘two faced’ so Geminis should always ensure they express what they really feel rather than going along with the group, all the time secretly seething underneath because it’s not what they really wanted at all. They can start projects enthusiastically, but sometimes lose interest when boredom sets in.

Quite often they are both physically and emotionally attractive and these qualities often appeal to others along with their intuitive intelligence. Psychic ability is sometimes present despite their apparent rationality. Often they think too much and think themselves into trouble instead of staying calm and peaceful.  They are great travellers, travelling to far off unusual places.

Key Energies of Gemini

Exciting, seductive, attractive, fun, witty, childlike, affectionate, kind, eloquent, manipulative, self interested, inconsistent.

Gemini Starsign Compatibility

Good partners are Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo.

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